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Please download and check it out first instead of looking at pictures or other people's videos.

This The WY's GbeamSaver is a secondary sci-fi world weapon inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam.
I modeled it based on the design of Gunpla, and created the extension and retraction of the light blade with permission to use the Piepop101 modul

Permissions and credits

Usage is simple. A light blade extending from a mid-sized tubular item is generated.
Holding the tube and pressing the spell button will generate the light blade, and pressing it again will cause the light blade to disappear.
The core mesh of the collision has a special shape that gives it the ability to cut in all directions, and the thin tip of the mesh model gives it high stabbing performance.
The particles were accidentally inspired by the candles I made for the Japanese style KenjutsuDojo update to give the light blades a grainy feel.
You'll have to experience it in the BaS VR world to get the full effect.

The option file contains a separate WYsGShieldRX78U9.3 with flight module.
This is a more difficult to control shield for experts.
When you hold the shield in front of you and pull the trigger, you can make a flight thrust.

Add: Recently, many people have been ignoring the description page, the DL page, and the necessary modules.
More and more users seem to be misusing the comments page and the bug page.
I am sorry to say that I will not be using these two pages for a while.
Please use DiscordPM if you have something important to say.
For other installation guides, please check out the other mods and the required mods on the DL page.
I rent this place for the fun of modding. I can't stand the painful comments and the way people with vague definitions of bugs report them as bugs. That's not criticism, that's public insult.