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Adds a spell that gives you reaper tendrils.

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Reaper spell abilities:- Hold heavy objects and creatures above you as a 'Haul' item.
- You can throw items that are in haul.
- Retrieve small items into your hands.
- Throw items that are being retrieved into enemies.
- Autonomously deflect and protect you against projectiles.
- Can disarm enemies.
- Replaces telekinesis. It's an alternative to telekinesis.
- Can change how long they are, how fast they move, and every other little thing about them.
- A lot, lot more.

Reaper is a spell. It is darkly colored nearly rainbow on the spell wheel. 
You can activate the majority of it's abilities by holding down your grip (on index, this should be pressing in trackpad), and then tapping cast.

Upon the tendrils finding a large object, they will Haul it above your head. This will activate the Haul mode for that tendril. It will hold it above you, until you hold down grip (trackpad on index) and throw your hand in a direction. The tendril will throw the Hauled object in the direction your hand went. Assuming you attempt to pick up an enemy using tendrils; yet you have something in Haul already, you will throw the Hauled item(or even person) at the person. Humans are considered large objects.

Upon the tendrils finding a smaller object, they will grab it and try to bring it into your hand. You can throw these the same way you can throw hauled items, if you do it prior to them reaching your hand. You can also make them fly into an enemy by trying to interact with said enemy.

Upon the tendrils finding something that's coming at you with extreme force, they will attempt to knock it out of the air, away from you.

Upon telling the tendrils to Haul an enemy that has weapons... the tendrils first attempt to disarm the enemy.

This is a replacement to telekinesis. You cannot use telekinesis when you're using the reaper spell (It goes per-hand.)

Everything is customizable via settings in the json files.

There is a lot to this! There's more than what's in this text, and what meets the eye. Have fun friends