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A fully functioning, physics-based hoverboard - with lights and weapon holsters!

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Throwing the medieval and magical theme of Blade and Sorcery (and my other work) completely out the window, I present: the Hoverboard! A fully functional, physics-based hoverboard - hovering at around 0.45u off the ground, and with a top speed of [redacted].

This was in open beta for a while on my server - come join and see what I'm up to next!

Here are some things I've successfully hovered up:

  • The walls of the arena
  • The mountains at Citadel
  • All the staircases in the game
  • The ramps and rails in Dank Darko's upcoming skate park map (yes, you can hover-grind)


To ride the board, simply jump on top of it. To dismount, press the Kick button - this will also kick the board into nearby foes, if you dismount while riding towards them.

Move around with the controller as if you were walking, or by physically leaning.

Most problems with the board can be fixed by dismounting and getting back on.

Holding and releasing the Jump button while on the board will boost you up into the air! Hold for longer to charge up a higher jump.


STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Get a grappling hook mod! You can use it to pull you around. Here are some options:

  • Lashing, by me (equip the spell while holding the base-game wrist blades)
  • I'm Batman, by Duke32 - comes with lotsa batman stuff
  • Search nexus for more


  • A hoverboard, that actually hovers
  • Two side holsters for small to medium items
  • Damagers around the sides of the board so you can stab and cut with it
  • Front and tail lights
  • Thruster ambient lighting and rippling FX
  • A custom third-person chase camera - hit F3 for the camera to follow behind you (like in the preview gif above)