Blade & Sorcery
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A simple music replacement mod that changes the base game music to music from the game series 'The Witcher" by CD Projekt Red.
This utility targets all base game maps (Arena, Ruins, Market, Citadel, Home and Character Selection. If you want to add the song to other maps then there will be more instructions in the description.

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This is a simple music replacer for Blade and Sorcery that swaps out the base game music for alternatives from the game 'The Witcher 3' by CD Projekt Red. This replacement covers all of the base game maps but can be used on other modded maps with very little modification.

The maps currently supported are:

  • Arena
  • Market
  • Ruin
  • Citadel
  • Home
  • Character Selection
  • Canyon

How to Install

How to Modify Other Maps

Note: You choose to do this at risk to your own game. Any mistakes made are yours and I will not accept responsibility for you breaking the level. If this does occur just clean install the map and try again.

Step 1: Download the map you wish to modify and install it as normal. (if you need help see the video above)

Step 2:
Open that mod folder and look for the level file. This could be located in either a 'Levels' folder or could be loose in the main mod directory. On either occasion, it will still (usually) be marked.

Step 3:
Open the map file using your editor of choice (I recommend notepad++) and locate the line "musicWaveAddress". Then all you need to do is replace the text within the string with "Witcher.Music.Replace.Fight" (see images below).

Finding the line

Changing the line

Step 4:
Save the file and launch the game.