Blade & Sorcery

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A small, simple combat arena built over an interactable pit of spikes and water.

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An arena designed for judicial duels to the death, built over a pit of massive stakes.
Map Features
  • A pure and simple arena map designed for single-combat and melee brawls with no obstructions
  • Edgeless boundaries to give the arena breathing room and add penalty to being pushed to the boundary
  • Use fog walls to teleport between a starting area (on the bridge) and the arena to minimize obstructions in the arena.
  • Additional fighting area on the bridge - a much more linear fighting space than the arena.
  • A spike pit of over 400 individual spikes that are all capable of impaling enemies.
  • Works with vanilla waves

Note on Enemy Spawning
´╗┐Since this map is built for dueling, there is only one spawn point for enemies. Try not to crowd the spawner and give enemies a second or two to walk towards you, otherwise combat can get a little awkward, and you may either teleport yourself to the bridge or have enemies popping in right in front of you.