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A blade composed of fifteen separate blades that can form many modes, cast powerful magic, and can shatter and reform at will.

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An extremely powerful sword consisting of fifteen separate blades that form into various ranged and melee weapons. Each shard can be grabbed and used as a standalone weapon.
  • The Shatterblade defaults to a sword that tears through enemy defences.
  • Form a shield to deflect projectiles and blade alike.
  • Expand the blade for additional reach, to thrust into far-away foes.
  • With the gun-shard equipped, the blade forms a handgun that can dismember.
  • Tear enemies to shreds with a buzz-saw of sword-shards.
  • Separate and reform the blade at will, allowing you to scatter them into enemy bodies, or letting you pick up individual shards as weapons!

Additionally, the blade takes on several powerful forms based on your currently-selected spell:
  • With Gravity selected, the blade becomes a Gravity Gun, allowing you to pick up and throw objects, or emit powerful bursts of force.
  • With Lightning selected, the blade becomes an Arc Cannon, hurling bolts of lightning at your enemies.
  • With Fire selected, the blade becomes a Flamethrower, allowing you to incinerate enemies or charge up and throw multiple fireballs.

The Shatterblade is itself moddable! Other modders can create their own modes and modules for the blade! Each module can be customized separately.

The base model for the Shatterblade was created by the incredibly talented modder & modeller, Galxey!