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A free form version of magic, where your mana is stored inside of small cubes called "bits".

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From this video, I'm sure you can see that the spell is gesture based. Although, they're not complicated. It's single act/hand motion that activates something, then another that disables it. Very simple.

There are four abilities currently, and I'll be revisiting this spell, with at least two more abilities.

- Shield:

Your bits form a shield around you, becoming fixed in the air as solid, strong barriers.

(Put both your palms facing down, and then make fists.) (activate)
(Put both your palms facing the sky, and then make fists.) (de-activate)

- Surf:

Your bits form under you to make a everlasting board, that you can walk on indefinitely.
(One hand faces up, one hand faces down while they're close together. Below the head.) (activate)
(One hand faces up, one hand faces down while they're close together. Above the head.) (de-activate)

- Spring trap:

Your bits make a small platform under you. Any creature who walks into the trap will get sprung inside of it, and will nearly instantly be trapped.

(Both palms face down. Below the head. Hands somewhat far apart.) (activate)
(Both palms face up. Hands above the head. Hands somewhat close.) (de-activate)

- Create bits:

You convert 1 mana, into 2 bits. Happens ~90 times a second that the gesture is held.
(Both palms face up, close together. Below the head.) (held ability)