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Become a god of daggers. 10+ unique and gesture-controlled abilities that bring dagger-y destruction upon your foes. Custom sounds, haptics, and FX for every ability. Tutorial included!

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It’s finally here! By far the largest and most fleshed-out spell mod that I’ve created to date - this mod is months in the making.
No need for a bunch of gifs here, as the mod comes with an in-game animated tutorial level, accessible from the world map!

Join my discord if you have bugs, questions or feedback!

Daggerbending comes with a rich and varied set of abilities focused around daggers.
  • Summon: Summon a single dagger, primed to grab or throw.
  • Throw: All abilities that can be thrown have smart aim assist.
  • Select: Daggers that are dropped nearby orbit you. Select one, ready to be buried in an enemy’s skull.
  • Claws: Grip with the spell equipped to pull three daggers into a vicious claw formation. Once you’re done, throw your hand to fire the claw into nearby enemies.
  • Sword: Form your claws into a long dagger-sword. Impale your foes, and throw the sword after you’ve finished.
  • Shield: Pull up to seven daggers into shield-form behind your hand. Block fireballs and sword-slashes alike. Stab enemies with the tips of the shield, pick them up, and throw them around - or even suplex them. Throw the shield to impale multiple enemies.
  • Tower Shield: Form a larger shield in front of you. Good for blocking multiple fireballs, or very persistent enemies.
  • Slingshot: Draw back the energy slingshot to load in up to six daggers. Release to fire them all, or pull the trigger to rapid-fire them at enemies, loading in new daggers from around you.
  • Trap: Place a dagger trap, primed to fly into the head of an unsuspecting enemy.
  • Gather: Gather every single dagger in the map into your orbit, or your pouches.
  • Swarm: Unleash your daggers into a swarm in front of you. Bunch them up to impale an enemy with multiple daggers, or spread them out for AoE damage. Move the swarm around, and throw it once you’re done. The Swarm can easily pick up objects and enemies alike.
  • Group summon: summon a group of six daggers that swarm around your hand.
  • Merge: Merge the spell with fire, gravity, or lightning to rapid-fire imbue all of your collected daggers.
  • Imbue: Imbue a dagger with the spell to prime an explosive charge on it. Good for getting rid of unwanted daggers, and/or enemies.

There are also a couple quality of life abilities:
  • Press trigger to imbue a dagger in your hand with your selected spell.
  • Press the Spell Wheel button to flip a dagger in your hand.

Additionally, the mod comes with a dagger pouch, holding up to seven daggers. Your abilities will draw from nearby pouches, and the pouches suck up and store any daggers left in orbit.

Custom haptic feedback, sounds and visual are all made specifically for daggerbending!

This mod also pairs well with some of my other mods - check them out!
  • Latent allows you to shove your daggers around using the force!
  • Cosmic allows you to manipulate and throw the daggers in bulk, as well as throw them through paired black holes!
  • Recall allows you to recall and throw a summoned dagger.

Thanks to KraCactus, Darko, and all of my beta testers for your work in helping me make and polish this mod! I couldn't have done it without you all!