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A sword and magic tome once wielded by the Magician.

The sword is swift and agile, while the tome increases magical effectiveness when held.

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The only written records of the Magician were an old children's tale, told over the centuries in the merchant town of Mera. The short story goes:

There was once a Magician, clever as she was cunning.
She swindled people left and right, providing a spectacle to watch as she robbed them blind.
Most were unaware of her foul deeds, but some more perceptive than others.
When she could, the Magician would escape in a cloud of smoke.
However, if the time calls for it and she is cornered, her last trick was always the deadliest.
A sword, swift and agile, would stab and slice and carve new shapes into her foes,
While the book, mysterious in context, would enlighten the clever-minded.
And to the count of one, two, three, no one would be left to stand against,
Leaving the Magician to swindle another day.

Many claim to have been victims of the modern-day robin hood, but none have come close to catching her, not even the Archmage.


The book, when held, will drastically increase the ability to cast spells. The suggested playstyle is to switch between sword and book for when you want to change between melee and magic.