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A Magical ward to shield you. Cast in front of you to block attacks or cast it while holding a weapon to shield you

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Magical Ward Spell

A magical ward to protect you!

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Rainbow Mode!

  • A balanced Ward spell that has fancy shader effects when hit!
  • The Ward costs mana to use - configurable mana amount.
  • When the Ward gets hit you lose mana - configurable mana amount
  • Configurable colour per spell hand!
  • Rainbow colour mode!
  • Throwable!
  • When mana gets too low the Ward will "break".
  • Can enable / disable whether Ward activates when using weapons
  • You can resize it in the json

How to use 2.0:

Equip the spell.
Hold Trigger (Cast button) to make the Ward come out in front of your hand.
Hold Trigger and Grip to make the Ward come out the back of your hand ( as if you were holding a real shield )

While the Ward is cast, you can throw it by letting go of the Grip button.
If you let go of the Cast button it will start to despawn.
If you keep the Cast button held while throwing it won't despawn (or cost mana) so you can throw it further!

When holding a Weapon or Item, hold the Spell Wheel button to make the Ward come out the back of your hand.
In weapon mode,


Configurable options in Mods\WardSpell\Spells\Spell_Ward.json

// Set the size of the Ward spell (0.5 is about the size of a round shield)
  "scale": 0.5,

// Enable or disable if pressing spell button while holding a weapon will activate a ward
  "enableWeaponShield": true,
// Overrides left/right colours. Makes the wards fade from random colour to random colour
  "rainbowMode": false,

// colour of left ward
  "leftColor": {
        "r": 0.33,
        "g": 0.55,
        "b": 0.96,
        "a": 1.0

// colour of right ward
  "rightColor": {
        "r": 0.33,
        "g": 0.55,
        "b": 0.96,
        "a": 1.0

// mana drain per second when casting - per ward!
  "manaConsumptionPerSecond": 15.0,

// minimum mana required to cast
  "minManaToCast": 15.0,

// mana drain when the ward is hit

  "manaDrainPerHitMultiplier": 5.0,

// parry magic like a normal shield - recommend leave this true
 "parryMagic": true,