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Dark & Light fight for control, but with someone with great mana control... taming both is simple.
Split spell, for the spell competition. Check it out :)

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Split is a spell that gives you two forms. Light, and dark. Dark is physically enhanced, while light is statistically enhanced.

Also a quick heads up, the description is mainly videos as videos are a lot easier of a description of something than text could ever display.


Dark is physically enhanced, from being able to climb up mountains with ease, to being able to rip someone limb from limb with ease.

Dark has two modes. Constrained, and unconstrained. When constrained, dark is still very agile and strong.

When unconstrained, dark loses the ability to use slow motion... but in turn gets lightning reflexes, meaning an arrow or a weapon that gets too close for comfort, time slows down to help you react. You're also about 3x stronger in every possible way.

Let's go through each ability and what they do.
Bare in mind Dark's mostly passive, with very little active things to do and most of it is just based into dark.

Dark's passives (constrained):

Dark's passives (unconstrained):
Constrained might of looked strong.. but.

Dark's passives (mixed):

Light mode is nearly polar opposite, from being able to swing, to having enhanced magic, enhanced focus, enhanced mana... etc
Light also has abilities! Two, to be exact. Light is more focused on utility over combat. Light has a enhanced sense of stats, that means you'll have more focus, mana, and health. (~10x each)
Light's grapple (heavy object/terrain):

Light's grapple (non-heavy object):

Light's teleportation:

Okay! We've covered dark's modes (constrained & unconstrained), and light's grappling effects.
Let's go into some more in-depth abilities that might need explanation.

Dark (constrained):
- High running speed
- Strong jump strength
- Grip anything
- Better handling (Easier to swing weapons)

Dark (unconstrained):
- Even higher running speed
- Even stronger jump strength
- Grip anything - (Will add latching in the future)
- Even better handling (Easier to swing weapons)
- Cannot use slow motion at will
- Has lightning reflexes

Switching between the modes (dark constrained & unconstrained) is simple. Hold down cast on one hand, once fully charged; press grip.
You should see the spell dissipate, and your constraints either appear, or disappear respecting which mode you were switching into.

Dark has gravity ripping, which you might have seen in the videos above.
You can achieve a gravity rip by pointing your knuckles towards an object (Bare in mind this has a very very small range), and move your hand in the direction you want it to go. The faster you move your hand, the harder the object flies.

Light mode has it's grapple, which can be activated by fully charging on one hand, and pointing it towards the sky. Then, press grip and you'll see the signature strings appear that indicate you're in grapple mode on that hand. Disabling it can be done the same way.

When in grapple mode, holding down grip will make a line come out and hit what is in front of your hand. You can use this to swing around. You cannot reel it in, but instead the grapple gets shorter dependent on the closest it's been to it's grapple point. Meaning if you grapple something from really far away, and then get closer and walk back... you'll notice it tries to maintain the distance of the closest it's been, trying to come with you.

Both Light & Dark:

Then of course, light & dark contain abilities that aren't unique to themselves, but the spell itself.
Let's start with splitting. This is the most important part, on how to change between light and dark. For reference, you'll fully charge the spell on BOTH hands and then tap grip on the controllers at the exact same time. 

After splitting, your body leaves behind a mirage, or a non-physical body of where your other half once was before splitting. This saves your position, your velocity, your health even. When switching back, all will be restored.

Dimensions! I've been teasing this spell for a while in the discord, but if you haven't seen... well, this is the dimensions. Light and dark have different gestures on how to summon it, but it's both the same. (this will change into a large arena in due time)

To initiate the gesture for each, you'll start by putting the back of your hands together. After doing this, you will put them down, both knuckles facing down and touching hands. Then, light mode you will put your hand facing straight up and touch them. If dark mode, you will inflict any bodily damage to yourself.

Enjoy the mod! If I didn't explain something clearly, let me know in the comments please. Something I'd rather not admit, but while making this I hit a major burnout and starting creating procedurally generated dungeons and making this and uploading all of these videos to youtube was nothing but a large pain in the ass.