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Katana megapack introduces a large variety of Japanese swords from several time periods

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Katana megapack 3.0 by Siilk



This mod introduces a large variety of Japanese swords from several time periods.
    - Koto Katana, katana made during Koto period.
    - Mokko Katana with an oval-shaped Mokko style tsuba(handguard)
    - Keiun Katana, which is made to represent swordmaking style of Keiun period of early 8th century
    - Musashi Katana, a katana with a tsuba made to imitate the design conceived by Miyamoto Musashi
    - Shinto Bohi Katana, a late medieval(shin to) katana with a fuller(bohi) running along the blade.
    - Uchigatana, an early variation of katana well suited for one-handed use.
    - Koto Tachi, a cavalry sword made during Koto period.
    - Shinto Tachi, a later variation of tachi made during Shinto period.
    - Nodachi, an infantry greatsword made during Koto period.
    - Nagamaki, a long-handled sword-polearm hybrid mainly used as an anti-cavalry weapon.
    - Otachi, an oversized ceremonial greatsword.
    - Ko-katana, a katana with a shortened blade
    - Wakizashi, a short auxiliary sword often used as a companion sword for a katana
    - Ko-Wakizashi, a short wakizashi used as an auxiliary weapon alongside a polearm or a greatsword
    - Tanto, a long dagger often used as a companion blade for a tachi
    - Aikuchi Tanto, a tanto dagger made as aikuchi(without a tsuba handguard)
    - Ko-Tanto, a tanto with a shortened blade
    - Dojuigiri, a sword bearing the title "National Treasure of Japan"
and considered the finest Japanese sword ever made, currently residing
in the Tokyo National Museum.
    - Shirasaya, a katana blade with a simple wooden handle and scabbard meant for long-term blade storage of the blade.
    - Rusty Katana with a blade which can barely cut
    - Bokuto, also known as bokken, a wooden training sword
    - Shinai, a bamboo sparring sword used in kendo.

What's new

Version 3.0:
* Saya(scabbards) are added for all swords
* Handling improved for all swords and daggers
* Grabbable handle parameters tweaked slightly for multiple swords
* Ko Wakizashi blade geometry and textures updated
* Tachi Shinto blade texture and shader properties updated
* Rusty katana damage increased slightly

Version 2.4:
* Fixed shader issue which was preventing blood decals from appearing on swords
* Tachi Koto and Tachi Shinto: centre of mass position adjusted

Version 2.3:
* Otachi: whoosh point components and definitions fixed to allow sword to properly make swinging noises

Version 2.2:
* Pre-LWRP custom sword shaders are re-implemented to support LWRP(courtesy of Tanuki Digital), further improving the mod visual fidelity in U7
* Added optional integration with More Categories mod
* Rusty Katana: damage values slightly adjusted
* Otachi: fixed handle shader settings

Version 2.1:
* Mod is reworked for B&S U7 compatibility
* Sword shaders remade for Lightweight Rendering Pipeline(LWRP) adapted by B&S
* New sword added: Koto Katana

Version 2.0:
* New swords added:
  - Uchigatana
  - Shinto Tachi
  - Otachi
  - Ko-Wakizashi
  - Dojuigiri

Version 1.1:
* Slash damager definitions tweaked to better work with draw cuts and backhand slashes
* Fixed parry definitions which were causing NPCs to twist their hands at impossible angles while trying to parry

Version 1.0:
 * Initial release

1) Unzip and copy KatanaMegapack folder into
BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\ folder in the Blade & Sorcery
installation folder.
2) Load the game, modded weapons will be available to spawn from the Weapon Book. Optional: To make use of custom categories for japanese weapons provided by the More Categories mod, follow the steps below.
3) Install More Categories mod
4) Download KatanaMegapack_MoreCategories addon(see Files tab of this mod)
5) Unzip and copy KatanaMegapack_MoreCategories folder into BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\ folder in the Blade & Sorcery installation folder. All Katana Megapack weapons will now be in available in the "Japanese" category


All swords and daggers in this mod come with saya(scabbards), and can be carries and attached to player holsters and weapon racks while sheathed.Note that all swords and daggers can also be attached to holder points and player holsters on their own. This may come in handy if you find drawing swords form scabbard less convenient as grabbing them directly. As B&S tracks player avatar body rotation as an interpolation of hand position, drawing a sword form left holster with right hand and vice versa might be inconvenient at times. For that reason, it is advised to grab scabbard with the hand on the same side to prevent it from being rotated away with the body while drawing a sword and then attach the scabbard back to the holster. On top of being a good way of reliably drawing a sword, this method resembles a traditional drawing technique of medieval Japan which involved grabbing the end of the scabbard with left hand and moving it slightly forward and upward to make drawing with right hand easier.


* The models for this mod are based on:
 - The Samurai Sword asset pack by Tanuki Digital
 - Katana / Japanese sword asset pack by Bunno pen
 - Doujikiri Samurai sword asset by hanjuku
Give them a 5-star rating in the asset store if you liked this mod.
* "More Categories" mod is created by Bowtie