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Arkham City Content Pack. replaces music, add's weapons and waves. more coming soon (hopefully)

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News: Sorry for all the broken updates, i rebalanced some weapons and fixed some stats to make them more useful and so bladed weapons like the knife and Ras's sword don't stab backwards and can impale things now. also added combat waves based 1 to 1 off of arkham challenge maps with an accurate amount of thugs per round and each class fitting that of the rounds in the game (currently including unarmed, bat wielding, knife wielding, and armored heavys)

ATTENTION OTHER MODDERS: seeing the potential of what is possible to create in Blade & Sorcery along with my disappointment of Batman Arkham VR. i am planning on putting together a small team to update the Arkham mod With Recreations/Ports of the Challenge Maps from Arkham Asylum and maybe Arkham City. if you are better at this modding thing then me and are interested please contact me on discord from the Blade&Sorcery server or add DarthJera#2497 for more details.
Disc: A music & weapon mod that adds some of the wonderful and memorable pieces of 2011's Batman: Arkham City Sound Track Composed by Nick Arundel & Ron Fish with the highly detailed models of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight to accompany bringing use to the tools of batmans wards Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Tim Drake) and some other weapons and tools from the arkhamverse. it replaces the music for all default maps in the game for both an idle state and battle state so you can climb to the softer music or lost to the more punchy battle music. see how long you can last unarmed by disarming and tossing opponents or getting into some free-flow fun with the fast pace added tools and BE THE KNIGHT. Weapons are listed in "ARKHAM" now.