Blade & Sorcery
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Adds various waves featuring two unarmed enemy types.

Permissions and credits
Enemy Types
Thugs have the same amount of health as normal NPCs. They are easy to knock down and do little damage. Thugs are around average height and always have hair, but never facial hair.
Brutes: Brutes have double the health as normal NPCs. They are extremely difficult to knock down and pack a powerful punch. Brutes are taller than Thugs and are always bald, but always have facial hair.

Wave Types
Brawl: Fight multiple NPCs.
Fistfight: A one-on-one battle against an NPC.
Slugfest: A free-for-all between you and multiple NPCs.

Clonk for the base brain for the Brutes.

Doggo for a script allowing NPCs to kick (is currently broken and will be added in a later update).
Soulcalibur VI for the custom NPC voices.
Sushin for the inspiration with his unarmed overhaul in 8.3 (and for just being an amazing modder).

Recommended Mods
UFC Octagon (used in showcase video).


Thank you to all these wonderful people for testing: Clonk, Doggo, Galxey, Bat, and Blobfish.

A short video showcasing some of the waves can be found in the videos tab. If you have any issues or suggestions please let me know!