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SwordsPlus allows all swords (Falchion, Challengers Sword) to be thrown like daggers and slash deeper into your enemies!

Permissions and credits
The below is only applicable to previous versions.


This mod was made by taking the .jsons from the WeaponsPlus mod and editing their already amazing code. The SwordsPlus mod allows the swords to cleave into enemies! No more simple slashes, now when you swing that sword it embeds itself into the enemies!  When you throw a sword, the sword will take the stance of a dagger, and fly straight as an arrow into your foes.

Originally named ThrowingSwords, this mod was only going to add the ability to throw your swords, but after tinkering with the .jsons I added the ability to slash deep into your enemies, so I have renamed this mod SwordsPlus (WeaponsPlus Addon)

If you have any suggestions for this mod, feel free to message ThreeForthsEverything#7529 on discord!

This .json will interfere with other sword mods. So if you have any mods that modify the base swords .json this might interfere with it.

As stated in the name, this is an Addon to the WeaponsPlus mod created by KombatWombat. So please, if you do download this mod please go check out his content as well!
KombatWombat had no part in the making of this mod, however I have gotten permission to use his existing work in order to upload this mod!

If you have any issues, be sure you read the ReadMe.txt in the file, and if you cannot figure it out feel free to contact me on Discord.