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Isildur's ring of power, along with many weapons and locations from the Shadow of War series!

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This mod is a WIP

  • Isildur's Ring - Wear it to gain the power to corrupt your enemies to your side, living or dead, while taking a bit of their health for yourself
  • Weapons:
-Dwarven Shield
-Gil Galad's Shield
-Minas Ithil Tower Shield
-Numenorean Shield
-Uruk Hai Shield
-1H Westernesse Sword
-2H Westernesse Sword
-Nazgul Acharn
-The bow Azkar
-The Black Blade
-The Hammer of Sauron's Mace
-Blood Axe
-Celebrimbor's Bow and Arrow
-Celebrimbor's Dagger
-Celebrimbor's Hammer
-Celebrimbor's Sword
-Dwarven Throwing Dagger
-Dwarven Axe
-Ecthelion's Sword
-Eltariel's Bow and Arrow
-Eltariel's Swords
-Nazgul Helm Hammerhand's Hammer
-Minas Ithil Spear
-Mirkwood Axe
-Mirkwood Sword
-Orcish Mace
-Sauron's Mace
-Nazgul Urfael
-Uruk Hai Sword
- Vengeance Longbow and Arrow
-Witch King's Sword
-Nazgul Talion's Glaive (with banner)
  • Maps (UNITY ISSUE: may have infinite loading on these maps or others if you have more than one map mod installed!!!)
-Barad Dur (Night)
-Barad Dur (Day)
-Erebor Arena
-Elven Arena (rather small, best for duels)

Many more powers, rings, weapons, and locations are planned for the future, stay tuned for more!