Blade & Sorcery
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Extremely Alpha Multiplayer Mod -- Still a work in progress


Permissions and credits
This is going to be a cooperative multiplayer system, there are three servers right now courtesy of my Patreons (Thank you!)
- Proceeds go to:
  • commissioning other talented modders
  • server costs
  • tooling
- Join because:
  • its good to get feedback
  • theres a meetup channel
  • you like the mod

There are bugs and I am actively developing this but as you can imagine, its hard to test multiplayer by myself.

READ Everything!

A couple of rules:
  1. Unload your other mods or you wont be able to join.
  2. I am constantly updating this mod and you will therefore need to constantly update your version.
  3. Don't do something that is known to crash the server.
  4. Lower your expectations on what you can do, each piece of functionality for B&S requires me to write networking code around it.
You wont be able to join if you dont have the above.

Future Progress:
  1. I need to fix spells and get them working
  2. Taking a video and sharing it with me is helpful to fix bugs.
  3. I want to do some sort of "operation" similar to CS:Go with other modders, if you're interested please ping me.