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Recall your last held object to your hand, with style. Think Yondu's arrow, or Launch from Control. Works with the U8.4 beta.

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Pull your spell button to recall your last held item into your hand. The more you press the spell button, the faster it's recalled.

While the item is floating next to your hand, press grip to grab it.

At any time, flick your hand and release the spell to throw your item in that direction. Works from on the ground, while penetrating, and in the air.

This can also be done while the item is hovering above your hand:

This has smart targeting, aiming for enemies in the direction of your throw.

Tap or hold grip while you're casting the spell to have the item un-penetrate enemies and walls, and phase through objects to return to your hand as fast as possible.

The spell works best with daggers, swords, arrows and small items (e.g. the little rock on the right of the wave podium on Arena). Asymmetrical items don't work as well (due to not having an easy defined center).

This can lead to some pretty fun gameplay. Here's a quick demo:

I like to use it to quickly free up a hand to perform a telekill, then either re-grab the item you threw or throw it with the spell. It's also pretty fun with single-handed swords, letting you switch hands faster than enemies can update their block.

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