Blade & Sorcery
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Adds spider-man abilities to your character!

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This can get kind of annoying if you use spells, because this doesn't disable if you're using a spell... I looked into fixing it but only gave it 4 minutes before giving up, but took 2 days on the rest so please don't get pissed about that!

I HAVE ADDED A TOGGLE! Pressing spell wheel will disable it until you press it again!
I also added a shoot sound, and a new customization option for shot delay on the spider web!

This mod is all apart of a bigger mod I'm making called Amnesia. Want to know more? Join the discord server!

- Spider webs cast by holding down trigger for 0.3 second(s).

- Holding grip will make your webs pull you in and increase tension.

- Tapping a object or terrain while holding an item/enemy in a web will make it connect that enemy/item to that item/terrain.

- Tethered objects are a tiny bit buggy as the webs sometimes don't despawn (will fix, soon enough)

You can edit the strength in the json! Please do so! Don't ask to make a stronger/weaker version when you can already edit it yourself!