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Adds weapons and armor from the Halo games with working ammo counters, scopes, laser-sights, flashlights and manual reloads. Also includes a Halo installation which can be spawned and fired! See Mod Details for Roadmap of Updates.

Permissions and credits
GREAT JOURNEY: A Halo Overhaul Mod

This mod is currently in PUBLIC BETA, and a work-in-progress. See roadmap below for planned updates :) Please report any bugs and provide suggestions in the forum/posts section. THANKS!

Halo Spawn Event

1) Take the "Halo Activation Index" from the "GreatJourney" category in the SpawnBook (marked with a Reclaimer symbol). 
2) A Forunner Altar will spawn nearby. To start the event, place the Activation Index on the Forerunner Artifact ... 

Weapons Tutorial
1) Spawn your weapon of choice from the "GreatJourney" category in the SpawnBook (marked with a Reclaimer symbol).
2) Grab the Slide/Bolt of the weapon and pull it back, then release to chamber the first round. (If the weapon has an ammo counter, it will now update)
3) When empty, press the Spell-Menu button to eject the magazine.
4) To get more ammo, spawn a Magazine (or for carrying ammo spawn a Pouch) from the "GreatJourneyAmmo" section of the book.

For the Shotgun
You must re-chamber/pump the shotgun after each shot. When empty, you can pump the slide backwards to open the receiver for more shotgun shells.

Available Weapons
(See roadmap for incoming weapons)
  • Assault Rifle
  • Battle Rifle
  • DMR - Designated Marksman Rifle
  • M6G Magnum
  • M6C Socom
  • M90 Shotgun
  • Brute Mauler
  • Brute Spiker
  • Gravity Hammer

  • ==============================================================

    Laser Sights


    About: Laser Sights allow you to aim accurately while "hip-firing". They provide minor self-illumination (emission) to the world and are programmed to draw onto surfaces you point at, while tapering off when pointed to "infinity".

    To toggle a laser sight On/Off, HOLD the "SpellMenu" button for a half-second (using the hand that is holding the primary gun handle). If you press the SpellMenu button for a short time only, it will eject the Magazine instead of toggling the laser.

    Currently, Laser Sights are only available on the following weapons:

    • M6C Socom (ODST Magnum)
    • M6G Magnum
    • Misriah SMG
    • Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

    If you want to switch the behaviour (i.e. short press toggles laser, long-press ejects magazine), you can edit the following two lines in the "modules" section of each weapon (found in the mod folder under GreatJourney/Weapons/

    "laserTogglePriority": false,
    "laserToggleHoldTime": 0.5

    "laserTogglePriority" - (default = false) If set to true, short-press toggles the laser, long-press ejects magazine

    "laserToggleHoldTime" - (default = 0.5) The number of seconds required for a "long-press" to register. Decrease this number if you want the toggling to be faster/more responsive.


    Flash Lights


    About: Flashlights will dynamically illuminate surfaces and can create immersive visual effects when combined with the Unity URP used in B&S.

    To toggle a flash light On/Off, Press either the "Trigger" or "SpellMenu" button while holding the FOREGRIP of the weapon. (Shotgun is the only exception to this rule, for now)

    Currently, Flash Lights are only available on the following weapons:

    • Assault Rifle
    • Misriah SMG
    • M90 Shotgun**

    ** To toggle the shotgun FlashLight, press "SpellMenu" on the primary gun grip!



  • Materials Upgrades
  • Particle Effects Upgrades
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • NPC Firearm Waves
  • Replace Place-Holder Models/Textures
  • U8.4 Port
  • NPC Replacement
  • "Campaign" Missions with goals / objectives (i.e. stop the flood)
  • [v2] Energy Weapons with advanced behaviors (in-progress)
  • [v2] Melee Weapons with advanced behaviors (in-progress)
  • [v2] Advanced Halo maneuvering controls
  • [v2] Advanced Portal controls

  • Weapons In Progress
    • Plasma Pistol/Rifle
    • Spartan Laser
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Brute Weapons
    • All the rest, eventually...

    Copyright Notice
    Halo © Microsoft Corporation. Great Journey was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo. It is not endorsed by Microsoft and does not reflect the views or opinions of Microsoft or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Halo. As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.