Blade & Sorcery

About this mod

Adds a few useful features to the spell wheel, which includes: space for more spells and names of the spell when selecting

Permissions and credits
Spell Wheel Enhancer
Make the spell wheel just a little better

- No more overlapping spells, the spell wheel will now just get bigger the more spells you have!
- Names of the spells when hovering over them in the spell wheel (can be turned off in the Level_SpellLoader JSON by setting the font size to 0)

For modders wanting to set the name and color of their spell:

In your item spell json there is a field called displayName, change this to the name you want to appear in the spell wheel.
For changing the color of the name, go to your PlayerDefault container

  "$type": "ThunderRoad.ContainerData, Assembly-CSharp",
  "id": "PlayerDefault",
  "version": 1,
  "exludeFromBuild": false,
  "displayName": "",
  "description": null,
  "contents": [
      "referenceID": "SpellEarthItem",
      "reference": 0,
      "quantity": 1,
      "customValues": [
          "id": "FontColor",
          "value": "#d49e57"

Inside the custom values, you want to add, as shown above, the FontColor part. In the value, you will have to get the hex color code of the color you want and paste it in there.

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