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Some Dark Souls weapons modeled by me for Blade & Sorcery.
A few great hammers, curved swords, rapiers, halberds and more.

Permissions and credits
Patch Notes: All weapons have moved to the exotics category.

  • U9: Updated manifest file.
  • 8.4 Beta: Modified handling inertia. 
  • 8.4 Beta: Updated for 8.4 beta compatibility, fixed some handling issues, scythe and shotel should not glitch out as much just a tricky weapon to use. Improved book purchase portraits to fit the Dark Souls icon aesthetic. Removed Firebombs as mod structure has changed and I am not the creator of the original explosives to update it.
  • 8.3.07: Added the Greatsword (modeled after DS1 Design).
  • 8.3.06: Fixed some penetration depths on the weapons.
  • 8.3.05: Added the Washing Pole.
  • 8.3.04: Added the Firebomb (removed as of 8.4). Explodes on contact with npcs. Not sure how to make them stackable like a quiver yet.
  • 8.3.03: Fixed missing blood effects on the weapons.
  • 8.3.02: Added the Zweihander. This weapon can be imbued, half sworded, and mordhau'd.
  • 8.3.01: Optimized folder layout. Had too many manifest files and json asset
  • files. Better optimized for adding more weapons to the pack in the future.

Weapons Included:

  1. Scythe (Bardiche)
  2. Black Knight Halberd
  3. Dark Tracer
  4. Demon's Great Hammer
  5. Dragontooth
  6. Estoc
  7. Falchion
  8. Gold Tracer
  9. Grant
  10. Great Club
  11. Great Scythe
  12. Halberd
  13. Large Club
  14. Lucerne
  15. Mail Breaker
  16. Painting Guardian Sword
  17. Rapier
  18. Ricard's Rapier
  19. Scimitar
  20. Shotel
  21. Smough's Hammer
  22. Velka's Rapier
  23. Zweihander
  24. Washing Pole
  25. Greatsword (DS1 Design)