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Except for her insecurities about her large forehead, Sakura had a fairly normal, happy childhood.
A weapon of choice of most genins and a good weapon at that. It can be thrown like a shuriken or used as a close hand to hand combat weapon.

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Kunai is the most famous weapon of Ninjas second only to Shuriken. 
Kunai can be used as a short sword/dagger in close combat. Ninja can both slash and stab their enemy with a kunai. In long distance battles, a kunai is thrown like a shuriken. Some people call kunai " Kunai-Shuriken " , and there is a technique to throwing a kunai which ninjas acquire.
*Ninjas can also use Kunai to reach high places.
At any rate, kunai can be regarded as a truly unique weapon and a tool that is synonymous with ninjas and its many uses.