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Or Perel and Strangelet From The Four Horsemen Team

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You have been chosen to wield the world's most lethal crime-fighting technology!
Don the B.A.R.Z.E.L suit, and wreak aerial mechanized havoc on your foes - with shoulder-mounted rotary cannon and twin laser fist-blades!

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IT IS A TIME OF CRISIS! The Weird Medieval Terrorists have somehow stolen the plans for the original B.A.R.Z.E.L suit, and have armed their warriors with the GREATEST CRIME FIGHTING TECHNOLOGY ON THE PLANET!!!

IDANcorp is always ONE STEP AHEAD, however, and we're equipping you with our brand! new! updated! MK 5 SUIT - codenamed:


This new suit is the most aggressive incarnation of B.A.R.Z.E.L to date, featuring a powerful LAZE-AXE, a more lightweight RUNIC SHIELD, and the fearsome MK 1 LAZIATHAN BEAM LAZOR!

Take on the power of B.A.R.Z.E.L with EVEN MORE B.A.R.Z.E.L POWER! and defeat the evil Weird Medieval Terrorists who attack in a number of USER-CONFIGURABLE WAVES!


as well as your favourite original B.A.R.Z.E.L suit

To help you understand and utilize the awesome power of the B.A.R.Z.E.L suit, IDANcorp has produced a friendly tutorial video which is highly recommended viewing before using the system in combat.

B.A.R.Z.E.L features head-tracking aim for the powerful triple-barreled shoulder cannon, which can be deployed with a press of a button on your fist-mounted control units. These also control your flight vector when B.A.R.Z.E.L is in FLIGHT MODE.

The flight is fast and powerful, and also features a HOVER MODE for the ultimate stable weapons platform configuration. The LASER BLADE emitter units on your fist controllers are grip-activated for instant lethal slaughtering action, and burn at a searing 4000 degrees centigrade, carving through any armor like butter.

Activate the B.A.R.Z.E.L suit by inserting the Operating System Disk into your hip-mounted floppy-drive. Upon Activation, B.A.R.Z.E.L's LIVING COMPUTER BRAIN will assist you with the functioning of the suit.

Any Similarity you may suspect between the Living Computer Brain and recently deceased military personnel is entirely coincidental.

B.A.R.Z.E.L's default camouflage configuration is currently Standard Military Green, but in the future, different operational theaters may require new paint schemes to be made available - check back with your quartermaster at a later date!

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