Blade & Sorcery
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A pack of 3 WW2 guns

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Day of Days intends to be a massive WW2 overhaul mod, containing things like WW2 maps, WW2 weapons with cool things like mortars and artillery strikes :) 

Currently, this is a test version of what it should be where I can release these guns and get opinions and have them bug testers before I start making tons more, find out I did something wrong and have to edit them all again. 

The mod currently contains 3 Weapons: 

A Bayoneted Lee Enfield No 5 Rifle 
An S2200 (MG30) fully automatic machine gun 
An M1911 pistol 

They include animations, half decent hand poses that I hope to fix and RP Reloading (Magazines that are removable, but there is no ammo system for now?)

Future update plans

- Sight attachment system 
- Maybe a proper ammo system, if I can figure it out / someone makes a framework I might be able to use 
- More guns and gadgets 
- Fixed Hand poses 


This mod uses the Item Shooter framework made by Ebedibam, and the infinite mag pouch system by BabySexyMonkey.