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Various combat enhancements including auto-slomo, disarm on parries, and breaking arms

Permissions and credits
Adrenaline mod by Oli8
Built for Blade & Sorcery Update 6.3

WARNING: This is very WIP but it was a lot of fun to use so I'm doing a release with what's working now.

To Install:
Use Vortex or unzip into the StreamingAssets folder in your Blade and Sorcery install.

To Configure:
Open the plugins.txt and change the true/false text next to each plugin to enable or disable it.

To Use:
Briefly slows time with no mana cost after parrying an enemy, or killing an enemy with a melee attack.
If you dismember an opponent, all their allies will have a chance to be briefly staggered/stunned with fear. Increased chance on decaps!
Hitting an NPCs arm will break it, causing them to be unable to use it.
Enemies can now survive having an arm cut off, though this the severed limb can be a bit buggy.
Chance to disarm when parrying.
Set a cooldown on ai dodges to prevent the back-hop spamming.