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Spawn an item with an Automatic Imbuement, or Press a single button to cycle through different spell charges on your weapon. Comes with sample weapons, and can be applied to any weapon in the game. Can also be added to modded weapons. Find example weapons under "AutoImbue" or "SpellCycle" categories.

Permissions and credits
Fisher's Auto Imbue Framework

A simple module plugin which allows you to cycle through several Spells by simply pressing the Spell Menu Button. Once you have the mod installed, you can add this module to any weapon in the game and get the same effect applied! For examples, see items in the SpawnBook under categories "AutoImbue" and "SpellCycle".

Full Setup Guide

For a complete guide on how to use this framework for your own mod or personal game setup, see this Google Docs Guide:
Complete Framework Guide on Google Docs

Quick Start Guide
If already know your way around B&S JSON files and do not need a full guide to get started, you can simply install this mod and then add the following module to your item.

You can find example JSONs in the "AutoImbueExamples/" and "SpellCycleExamples/" folders in the mod folder.

To Setup an item with Auto-Imbue:

"modules": [
"$type": "ImbuementController.ItemModuleCycleCharge, AutoImbueFramework",
"autoImbue": true,
"autoImbueSpell": "Fire",
"permanentImbue": true

To Setup an item with Spell-Cycling:

"modules": [
"$type": "ImbuementController.ItemModuleCycleCharge, AutoImbueFramework",
"spellIDs": ["Fire", "Lightning", "Gravity"],
"useTriggerToCycle": false,
"permanentImbue": true

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