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This mod adds a spell called Teleportation that uses custom scripts. Allows you to teleport and Imbue with teleport.
Wait! Sectix made a good mod for once? Yep. Thanks to Bowtie.
Updated to add a new feature.

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This mod adds a singular spell to the game, I know I'm known for the TeslaPack, and the Gravity pack.. but I think I should start doing higher quality, singular spell mods. They will take longer to post, quicker to update, and they'll be a lot higher quality.


Hold to charge, charges very fast.
Charges a gravity fireball, cast it to guide a projectile.
-Projectile hits the ground : You teleport to it's landing location.
-Projectile hits enemy : you switch places with the enemy.
-Projectile hits a item/weapon : It will be teleported to your hand (Not grabbed, grab it quickly if it's a weapon.)
Yes. This weapon has Imbuement.
Slash something or stab something, or just wack the something to switch places with them.
Throw a imbued weapon, or shoot a imbued arrow to teleport to it's landing location.
Swinging a weapon and hitting a wall will result in you teleporting right on the outside of it

This isn't perfect. I'm not going to claim it's extremely polished or even working 100% of the time, but it's very nice and very fun to use in game.
Most definitely my new favorite spell, and hopefully yours too.