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This adds two new spells to the game, and soon more.
Beam and Utility.
Read more in the description about each one.

Permissions and credits
TeslaBeam -
1. large lightning beam from your palm forward.
2. Imbue works, makes a nice purple glow on weapons, that do increased damage and stun.
3. Works great, and is relatively balanced for normal fighting.
- Short charge up.
- Mana drain is heavy.
4. Is purple/white in color, meant to fit more of a real electricity feel.

Utility - 
This actually makes a lot of things possible.
1. Can reanimate the dead to be friendly.
2. Can heal you if used close to you.
3. Can electrocute people that it lands near to.
4. Can pull items to you if directly hit (not teleport, but launch towards you, only works on metal objects (weapons))
5. Can work with imbue to cause these same effects above, but only when striking something.
6. Spell is a nice pink. (This is heavily based off of fire, but holds all attributes of lightning.)

All of the other spells were scrapped, as they were very low quality, kind of bad to be honest things.
Utility is a lot of different spells in one, all lightning based.
Thought TeslaPack deserved some love, hopefully you enjoy this.