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Change the outfit of the player character model to an outfit worn by any friendly or hostile NPC already implemented in the game. Detailed instructions for .json and .chr file editing is provided in the Instructions.txt file.

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The Wardrobe mod is a player character apparel item editing mod.

The .zip contains a set of folders for each outfit already implemented onto each friendly and hostile NPC in the game. Within each folder labeled for it's corresponding outfit is an individual .json file. This file contains instructions for the game to equip the corresponding outfit onto the default player character model. In other words, when the file is properly installed each newly created character will be generated with this outfit instead of the standard Rogue outfit.

In addition to the bundle of outfit folders is a set of instructions in the form of a .txt file on how to properly install the .json files, how to alter existing save files, and how to create a custom outfit through altering the ItemID's. A gallery for each outfit with ItemID's properly labeled is also provided and can be found here.