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Here is my long-awaited Wands!
They're really freaking cool

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Update 1.2: Improved textures for two wands, Removed Paintable from Crystal on Crystal Wand and added Magic Embue for the Crystal Wand
Added two versions: Compatible for Outer Rim and Incompatible for Outer Rim versions
Adds 7 new wands!

This book transforms from Normal to Fire to Ice. You change by clicking the spell wheel button while equipped
-Normal Book: Shoots a Slashing Projectile which can dismember
-Fire Book: Explodes, dealing damage and flinging back enemies in a small radius
-Ice Book: Freezes enemies, slowing all movements by 70%

This wand may look weak, but its fun
You shoot an electrifying bold, which electrocutes enemies for 2 seconds. If you kill the enemy within two seconds, they explode in to body parts!

This staff is fun! It shoots a bold which homes on to enemies, knocking them down. Additionally, if you hit the ground or wall with the staff, it explodes, knocking back enemies in a medium sized radius!

This wand is also fun! It shoots a nature bolt, which, when hit, summons a pillar from the ground, flinging enemies in to the air!

This staff shoots things which explode in a medium sized radius... see bodies fly!

Let me know if you understand the reference: An Orb called the Home Orb!
Creates a dome of time, pausing enemies in their place (can be a bit buggy and not freeze at times tho :( )
It also comes back to your hand! It also electrocutes enemies, similar to the Electrifying Gaze Wand!

Finally, the beam wand. Its a beam... its horrifying...Let them scream!

All wand effects, which are amazing, made by Davi!
Blast Staff model made by kimthelithid!
Shooting script made by Alex! (Outer Rim Script!)

Made for Update 7!