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The sword that KENSHIN who became RUROUNI has been using for many years.
A Japanese sword whose blade is the reverse of an ordinary sword. People do not cut. However, the object is thrown away without mercy.
The sword category alone is full of display.Please introduce Bowtie's More Categories.

Permissions and credits
*Since the explanation was incomplete, both English and Japanese are listed.

This is the early Katana of the hero of the comic version of RUROUNI KENSHIN: Kenshin Himura.
The blade is attached to the MINE, which is the opposite of a normal sword, and the blade becomes an iron mass. KENSHIN's sword requires a sheath at the same time it is treated as a strike weapon. And user skills.
Due to the effect of the sheath, it is possible to handle swordplay, which is said to be the speed of God. However, since the blade is reversed, the acceleration performance is low.

This time I created all model data.
Tested and released over 100 times, including texture, adjustment, and feeling of use as a weapon.
The appearance respects the comic version, and the texture and TSUBA are created simply.
At BAS, we are mainly aware of overseas tall users, and intentionally increase the length of the sword. It's a little tricky for me because I'm short. LOL

My SAKABATOU with Sheath specializes in hitting. It has the characteristic of blowing enemies.It may even cut off the enemy's limbs. It may be when you are crazy or when you intentionally slash with the opposite blade. : )And for this sheath and sword, I made new model data for the technique of pulling out the sword.I got the skills when I made Nichirin Tou. It is self-study.Sheath Modding has translated Alёsha's text, deciphered it, corrected it to the Japanese language, and tested it many times.And I would like to express my homage to Sushin, who released earlier in the same genre.After releasing this mod, I got PM from Sushin.It was the first time I experienced such difficulties when used as mod data. His SAKABATO is definitely a masterpiece.



私のSAKABATOU with Sheathは、打撃に特化。敵をブローする特徴があります。
敵の四肢を切断してしまう場合もあるかもしれません。手元が狂った場合や意識して逆の刃で斬った場合でしょう。: )