Blade & Sorcery
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About this mod

A big hammer that does whatever you think of when you think of THOR!

Permissions and credits

- Incredible knockback and damage

- The strap hangs below the hammer and can be grabbed by sliding to the bottom of the main handle

- Allows the gravity slam that staffs can do.

- The hammer returns with trigger. It can pathfind around corners and returns faster when you are falling. It will not return when picking up another item, when casting spells put it on your back or your hip.

- Can be charged in two ways for different abilities. Charging one way will remove the other charge. Charges will run out when the lightning fades completely.

- Captain America's Shield compatibility.

Hold it up to the sky as high as you can until it is struck by lightning to:

- Slam it into the ground which sends lightning outwards, killing enemies.

- Make a quick downward motion to call lightning from the sky onto the nearest enemy.

Hold it by the strap and spin it as fast as you can to:

- Fly using trigger. The fly speed depends on how far the trigger is pressed. Both triggers can be used together for double the speed of one trigger.

- Throw it to activate homing. It will pathfind corners and will continue to pathfind until returning is called, the charge runs out, or no enemies are in the level.

Known Issues:

- Incompatible with other Mjolnir mods.

- Doesn't work with Vortex.

- Collision is disabled on return during a certain range of the player if they aren't holding it. Sometimes it won't turn off when it's supposed to. It can't be made any more reliable and if it can it's outside of my knowledge to do so.