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This is the second mighty Weapon of the God of Thunder, Thor.

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Hi Folks, This is my very first mod and i'm happy to announce its release. 

The Mighty StormBreaker is an Axe/Hammer that can be used to completely destroy your enemies. 

Current Version V 2.0:

  • Electricity Effect added to the weapon. Tap the Action button to imbue the weapon with electricity
  • Fly Effect. Hold the Action  Button in the direction you want to fly.
  • Axe and Hammer damage is now more balanced in comparison to v1.1.
  • StormBreaker still spins When returning to hand. (still working this bug out)

Potential V 3.0 Update

  • Summon the Bifröst to go between Levels within the game. (I have no idea how to do this at this point in time but think it would be an awesome addition to the weapon) If you are a modder and have an idea on how to create the script for this your knowledge and expertise would be greatly appreciated. :-)


Mod Version 1.0

  • Base Axe/Hammer Weapon with adjustments to mass and Drag so its easier to swing.
  • Axe Penetration has been increased from that of the Dane Axe. 
Mod Version 1.1

  • Extra Mass and Hit damage for the Hammer side of StormBreaker.
  • Return to hand Feature added. Keep in mind the weapon will return to the last hand the grabbed the weapon. This is not a bug!

If possible i would love your support over at patreon. even a donation of 3 euro will get you early access to mods along with other great benefits. Check me out here:

If you have any other ideas on how to make this mod even better please let me know.

That's all Folks!!

Thanks to @BabySexyMonkey for the lightning effect.

I would like to thank #Crazy_Jacky from Sketchfab for letting me use his fantastic StormBreaker Model.
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License CC, There have been slight modifications to the texturing on this Model.