Blade & Sorcery
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framework for attaching magic and imbuing effects to weapons

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This mod adds nothing on its own but allows modders to easily add different effects to their weapons!

Please look under the requirements for all the awesome mods made with Magic Weapon Effects!
Weapon Effects

Adds 16 custom weapon effects that can be customized with your own visual effects and sounds, with more to come! read docs for more info on the effects

Current effects:
  • Color  Change the color of the enemy when hit, can be used to simulate other effects like ice.

  • Energy Sword  Toggle a sword when the activation key is pressed. It is very customizable since it enables particle systems, sounds, and meshes.

  • Explosion  Creates an explosion on collision

  • Fire  On hit set enemies on fire and makes them flail and scream if they are burning too much

  • Flight  Hold down the spell button to fly in the direction you are pointing the weapon

  • Gravity  Makes the weapon have no gravity at all times

  • Ice  Slows down hit enemies for a duration, works well with the color effect to change the color of the enemy.

  • Life Steal  When held it drains your life slowly but if you damage an enemy you get some life back, and if you stab them and hold it you slowly drain their life

  • Living Blade  Throw the weapon to make it alive and attack enemies for you

  • Mind control  Stab the weapon into the enemy to possess them and make them attack for you. The controlled enemy takes damage slowly

  • Returner  Make the thrown item return to your hand

  • Shadow  Turn invisible when activated

  • Smite  Activate the blade and release immense power when hitting enemies. It has a charging time

  • Venom  When an enemy is hit they take damage over time, can be used for anything that should deal damage over time, like bleeding and fire

  • Beam  Swing your weapon to send out a beam of energy

  • Transformer  change the held item with another one opens up for a lot of possibilities

For modders
all of the effects above can be added to your mods.
Many of the effects require some custom particles and sounds in the form of custom references, here is a list of the effects with their requirements and some description of what the requirements do, so you can be as creative as you would like. The document also has a small guide which is still being worked on at the time being

List of effects, their custom references, and module setup

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on nexus or discord: Davi3684#5753