Blade & Sorcery
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gauntlet that does gauntlet stuff

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Infinity Gauntlet has now been updated to U6!
Here is a list of new features
--New Model
--New Sounds
--New Space Stone Ability: Meteor Summon
--New Mind Stone Ability: Mind Fly
--Revamped Power Stone Beam
--Time Stone has been improved
--Ability to charge up Infinity Blast.
--Tons of bug fixes
Check the feature list below for new controls(it's been updated)
Ever wanted to be 6/6 Thanos(doesn't he die)? well, now YOU can!
with this fine piece of gauntletry, you can become the maddest titan yourself!
with the gauntlet in your left hand(haha no right-hand bc movie)
to change modes hold down the right controller grip to shuffle through them
Power Stone: 
Left Trigger: Shoot a powerful beam that can launch objects and enemies!
Space Stone:
Left Trigger: Meteor summon, summon a meteor to strike down your enemies!
Right Trigger: Discombobulation! 
Reality Stone:
Left Trigger: ENLARGE your enemies
Right Trigger: UNENLARGE your enemies
Soul Stone:
Right Trigger: Revive, revives all.
Left Trigger: Soul Leech, suck the health from your enemies to heal yourself!
Time Stone
Right Trigger: Time Freeze (less buggy and overall better), freezes all NPC's in the arena!
Left Trigger: Time Unfreeze, unfreezes all NPC's in the arena
Mind Stone:
Right Trigger: Mind Fly, Fly with the mind stone! hold down the trigger to fly and point in the direction you wanna fly in
Left Trigger: Enemy Ally, ally random enemies in the arena to fight for you!
Right Trigger: Infinity Shockwave, send out a powerful INFINITY shock with the stones to make all enemies fall over in the arena! (hold the trigger to charge and release to send the shockwave
Left Trigger: S N A P, randomly kill 50% of the enemies in the arena to make the arena perfectly balanced.