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Adds basic local multiplayer support by allowing the PC player to possess NPCs via keyboard/mouse.

Permissions and credits
In order to allow the PC player to control NPCs you must be in Spectate Mode (F3). While in spectate mode you can hijack NPCs by pressing 'X' which will find an alive NPC and allow you to take control.

NPCs by default will 'lock onto' another player when controlled by the AI or when attacking, to disengage you can click the middle mouse button to allow you to move freely. You can lock onto the nearest enemy by pressing Tab. Rest of the controls are pretty straight forward.

If the first person view of the NPCs is uncomfortable for you, you can toggle Third Person mode by pressing T. The camera can also be adjusted with IJKL etc

While in Spectate Mode the VR player cannot use their pointer or any books, be nice to them and swap to HMD Output (F1) or Player View (F2) to allow them to use their pointer again.

Playing Online
Playing online is not officially supported by this mod however it is possible with the use of third-party software. To play online with a friend you can use any screen sharing tool that allows keyboard/mouse sharing e.g. Parsec, Rainway, Dixper, Moonlight. Steam Remote Play is not supported with Blade & Sorcery as it is currently limited to specific games.

Video tutorial for Online Multiplayer


  • Hijack NPC = X
  • Movement = WASD
  • Disengage Target = Mouse2 (Middle)
  • Lock Onto Closest Target = Tab
  • Run To Target = G
  • Grab Item = F
  • Drop Left Hand = 1
  • Drop Right Hand = 2
  • Draw Weapon / Holster = H
  • Draw Bow = B
  • Jump = Left Ctrl
  • Ragdoll = E
  • Suicide = End
  • Third Person = T
  • Sprint = Left Shift
  • Walk = Left Alt
  • Parry = Q
  • Quick Attack = Mouse0 (Primary)
  • Strong Attack = Mouse1 (Secondary)
  • Cast Spell = Mouse3 (Thumb button)
  • Camera Forward = Num8
  • Camera Back = Num5
  • Camera Left = Num4
  • Camera Right = Num6
  • Camera Up = Num7
  • Camera Down = Num9
  • Speak (Attack) = 3
  • Speak (Attack Strong) = 4
  • Speak (Hit) = 5
  • Speak (Death) = 6
  • Speak (Slow Death) = 7
  • Speak (Falling) = 8

All controls can be rebound in Level_Master.json. This file an be edited with any text editor such as Notepad. These are key codes are from the ASCII table.
Movement controls can be rebound in the Unity settings window which can be accessed by holding Left Shift when starting up the game.

If your mouse does not have thumb buttons you can enable 'combineStrongAttackCastSpell' which will cast spell (if available) when pressing Strong Attack.

Additionally, the spectator eye can be set to hide when possessing an NPC if you set 'hideEyeWhenPossessed'to true.

Currently only works in Steam VR mode. Oculus VR mode has a Spectator control bug in U8.4+ and cannot be used

If you are running into issues with the mod try running the "Verify Install.bat" as it will detect any basic issues with your mod install. It will almost always be a conflicting mod install or you installed the wrong version.

Please also remove ALL OTHER MODS when testing to ensure there are no mod conflicts.

If you are still having issues read the error message in your log file: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\WarpFrog\BladeAndSorcery\Player.log
If you plan on submitting a bug report please upload your log file to Pastebin and provide a link.

  • Gamepad support