Blade & Sorcery
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Useful scripts to make it easier to create maps with adventure elements.

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Oli8's Map Scripts for Update 7

A collection of useful scripts that can be easily added to a map by placing some custom references and adding the modules to the map json.

THIS MOD DOESN'T ADD ANYTHING ON ITS OWN. You should only download this if another mod requires it, or you are a modder creating a map and want to add adventure mode elements.

For Map Makers:
This mod adds a few helpful LevelModules designed to help make adventure maps:

The CustomTriggerModule allows you to trigger various actions to occur when the player enters a trigger volume assigned in the CustomReferences of your map.
The module consists of an array of "triggerData", with one entry for each custom trigger. Each entry contains a trigger type, the name of the custom reference it uses, and some additional data depending on the type of trigger. For each type, you will need a trigger volume assigned as the first entry in a Custom Reference in the LevelDefinition in unity.

Wave Triggers: Wave triggers will spawn a wave if the player is in the volume in the specified CustomReference and there is no current active wave.
"waveTriggerData" contains the name id of the waveSelector to spawn from, and the waveId of the wave to start. You can use these to have a map automatically start waves as the player progresses without needing them to use the wave books.

  "$type": "Oli8MapScripts.CustomTriggerModule, Oli8MapScripts",
  "triggerData": [
    "triggerType": "wave",
    "customReferenceId": "WaveTrigger1",
      "waveSelectorId": "SWFPS1",
      "waveId": "SWFPS_Stormtroopers_PistolBaton_12"

AnimationTrigger: Animation triggers will set an Animators boolean value to true while any creature is in the volume, and false when there are none. The CustomReference specified must have the animator as the second entry after the volume. "animationTriggerData" contains one value "animatorValueId" which is the string id of the animator value to set when the trigger is activated. This can be used to have doors that automatically open when a creature approaches them.

SceneTrigger: Scene triggers will load a new scene when the player enters the volume. "sceneTriggerData" has only one value "sceneId" which is the scene to load. Use this to load a different level when the player reaches the volume, even creating branching levels that load different scenes based on the path the player takes.

RemoveGameObjectsModule is a module that deletes all the game objects in the specified Custom Reference after the level loads. Use this to have items that only exist in specific game modes. For example: Remove weapon racks if the player doesn't choose sandbox mode

  "$type": "Oli8MapScripts.RemoveGameObjectsModule, Oli8MapScripts",
  "referenceToRemove": "SandboxOnly"

SaveUnpooledItems prevents items placed in your map in unity from despawning when a wave begins. Use this to have items at the start of the level stick around even if the player doesn't find them before starting a

  "$type": "Oli8MapScripts.SaveUnpooledItems, Oli8MapScripts"

StartingPlayerGear allows you to specify a container to replace the player's equipped items when your map is loaded. Simply provide a container id and the player will be equipped with items from it.

  "$type": "Oli8MapScripts.StartingPlayerGear, Oli8MapScripts",
  "containerID": "PlayerDefault_StarWarsFPS"