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A recreation of the Location Cloud City as known from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Permissions and credits
I started off with the Carbonite Freezing Chamber map, but felt it was too small, so I expanded it into Cloud City. I think I found a nice balance between Map Size (it can't be too big for Blade&Sorcery) and interesting change of settings. There is now some proper verticality in this map, and locations differ in terms of gameplay, for example narrow corridors and claustrophobic spaces intermixed with slightly more roomy areas, without everything becoming boring. With the Knight Training mod that increased jump height there are some good opportunities for proper Force Jumps onto Catwalks and such.

Suggested Gameplay

I suggest using it together with "The Outer Rim" mod. Using "knight Training mod" for increased jump height makes for some interesting vertical traversal possibilities, but is not a requirement. It seems like there is a problem with this map when used with "Dark Chains" mod.

Test any waves you like. There are multiple tables for Item and Wave Selection, so you can challenge yourself by starting an Endless Wave and having to reach the other end of the map to turn it off again. Just play around.


I made this map in 3 days weeks now, creating all assets in Fusion 360 and texturing them in Blender (Textures created with affinity) before importing to Unity. Thus, any asset can quickly be reworked and updated in the future. I invested the last 3 days full time and established a workflow.
I only have some 3D Modeling experience, I am (not so much anymore) a dummy with texturing and worked with Unity the first time in this project.

Milestones (What has been achieved)

  • Find out how to enable ItemSelector and WaveSelector UIs on custom meshs, to get rid of the filthy books. DONE
  • Complete texture rework. DONE (Bought professional Textures lol)
  • Performance optimizations to lay the foundation for expanding the map. DONE
  • Add upper level from the movie (Where Luke enters) DONE
  • Add Star Wars boxes to throw around. DONE. Two colors, bitch.
  • Figure out how to do some dramatic lighting. DONE (Well, with LWRP you can't do too much and I'm a dummy)
  • Rework Spawn Location "Outer Corridor". No more Ninja style insertion. -DONE
  • Add Clutter Objects, Pipes etc. to bottom of chamber. DONE
  • Rework Freezing Platform Ceiling. (Low Priority) WHO CARES?
  • Add Smoke Generators. DONE

Roadmap (Future Ideas)

  • Add proper doorways to the upper section (Cloud City)
  • Add NPC Killzones between the Pipes as NPC tend to get stuck there. HOTFIXED - please let me know if any more issues arise
  • Fix the one spawn location where sometimes an NPC gets stuck and block the wave. HOTFIXED - please let me know if any more issues arise
  • Add immersive animated doors.
  • Rework the Interior Wall texture of Cloud City to better match the movie. This is a hard one though, as its all white and requires major texture magic.
  • Add lower level to the Catwalk where Luke lost his hand to Vader.
  • Improve the lighting. It was hard enough to get it where it is now, getting the top section (Cloud City) to be bright enough while maintaining that the bottom section (Carbonite Chamber) is dark enough. I think that LWRP might be the cause for the difficulty in dramatic lighting. But I also highly suspect a layer8 Problem, being my inexperience with unity, lighting and the complete lack of any artistic sense. (I am good at recreating and geometry, but I would never be able to draw, let alone model, something organic)
  • Add ambient sounds

Why do I spend more time building a map for a game I don't even have as much playtime with as this map cost me to build? While working a normal job full time? Simple. Heartache. Window Pain. A broken heart. I must keep my mind busy. Bad luck for me, good luck for you.

About myself
I've always been an enthusiast about 3d Modeling, but never really got any good at it. When I first started I was 14 years old and used JED, some selfmade editor for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, to play around with map making. Once every year or two again I find some dumb excuse to do some modeling. I did UnrealEd, Unreal Engine, Operation Flashpoint and sequels, and many more. I got quite decent in Blender once, but forgot everything by now. However since I got into 3D Printing I learned to use Autodesk Fusion 360, and funnily enough I now use that to model my assets and texture them in Blender.
Now I find that B&S is an extreme benchmark game to show off whats possible with VR, and TOR expands that even further into the Star Wars universe, with already so much content including all the Force Powers!
I am 32 now and this is the first map I ever really released.


  • CyberPrussian: Map Geometry, Imperial Boxes, some textures, and all the bugs.
  • Kospy for creating the awesome Game Blade&Sorcery in the first place. One of the definitive best VR games in terms of showcasing the power of VR Game Design. Also thanks for giving me the deciding hint how to create interactable Boxes.
  • Sushin for providing continuous and super quick tech support throughout the entire creation process, there were many problems and mistakes I wouldn't have been able to solve without your kind help.
  • Max Hyper for helping me out with a few very critical problems I encountered.
  • The B&S Discord
  • Archanor VFX: Sci-Fi Textures (Unity Asset Store)
  • Xenosmash Games: White Smoke Particle System (Unity Asset Store)
  • Raestream Graphics: Detailed Tech Materials (Unity Asset Store)
  • Creative with Jaakko: Sci-Fi Wall Tubing PBR (Unity Asset Store)
  • Firebolt Studios: Sci-Fi Texture Pack 1 (Unity Asset Store)
  • Firebolt Studios: Sci-Fi Texture Pack 2 (Unity Asset Store)
  • Aquvelous: Modern Table with Chairs (Unity Asset Store)
  • Stym: Millennium Falcon (Sketchfab)
  • StarWars-Universe: Slave 1 (Sketchfab)