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Sangara is a vast desert. Update: Actual Desert Out Now!

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I haven't forgotten, this map still exists! I've reworked it, though.
This map provides a lot of stuff. Along with its immense size, it has:
- Optimised Performance!
- 4 Unique Wave Location spots with their own item spawner book
- A sandy ambience noise
- Foliage that is not 2D
- A sand-like atmosphere!
- Sand-and-rock blending on terrain

I've changed a lot since last update. There are fixes, including:
- NPCs no longer get stuck on objects
- NPCs are now slowed on some slopes to prevent them falling
- Added a killzone
- Added a reflection map that adds lighting to metals
- Fixed clumpy and grassy terrain. Its now sand
- Fixed having colliders on objects that shouldn't have colliders
- Fixed some objects having incorrect shaders and appearing to have no shade to them whatsoever
- Changed spawn location to be in a better area.
- All cacti have colliders now.

That's about it! Enjoy the desert!
Made for Update 7
P.S. Prefered the old version? Dw, it's still there for download!

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