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Use the cursor to target with your ship cannons

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Cannon Targeting

Update: the Mouse Cannon targeting has been implemented by the devs, therefore this mod is outdated and not required anymore.

Use the Mouse cursor to target with your ship cannons. 

A configuration file is included. By default, the range in which the cannons can be rotated forwards and backwards is the same as in the original game.

If you change the parameter "bRestrictCannonAngles" in the configuration file to "False", then you can aim the cannons in the full 360 degree radius.

Note: This mod doesn't work with a gamepad, it only work with the mouse.


- As the game is still very early in the Early Access phase and the awesome devs put out frequent updates to the game, it can happen that a new update breaks this mod. I'll try to keep the mod up to date and to test it with the new releases.

- Back up your save files before using this mod, just to be safe. On windows, the save files should be located  at: 

Please use the "Bugs" tab to inform me whenever you encounter new bugs with this mod.


This is a BepInEx mod. BepInEx is a software package, which allows to change the game's programming libraries and functions.

1) Make sure that you have the latest version of Black Skylands. Update if necessary.

2) Download the latest x64 version of BepInEx from:

3) Extract the downloaded archive into the Black Skylands game directory.

The Black Skylands game directory should then have these subdirectories and files in them (among others):
 - BepInEx
 - BlackSkylands_Data
 - MonoBleedingEdge
o BlackSkylands.exe
o doorstop_config.ini
o winhttp.dll

4) Download this mod and extract it to the Black Skylands game directory.

You should now have the following file:
 - BepInEx
   - plugins
      o CannonTargeting.dll

Run the game as usual. After the game has run at least once, there should be a file "LogOutput.log" in the BepInEx directory.

The log should read as follows:
[Message:   BepInEx] BepInEx - BlackSkylands (26.07.2021 15:13:18)
[Info   :   BepInEx] Running under Unity v2020.1.17.10049454
[Info   :   BepInEx] CLR runtime version: 4.0.30319.42000
[Info   :   BepInEx] Supports SRE: True
[Info   :   BepInEx] System platform: Bits64, Windows
[Message:   BepInEx] Preloader started
[Info   :   BepInEx] Loaded 1 patcher method from [BepInEx.Preloader]
[Info   :   BepInEx] 1 patcher plugin loaded
[Info   :   BepInEx] Patching [UnityEngine.CoreModule] with [BepInEx.Chainloader]
[Message:   BepInEx] Preloader finished
[Message:   BepInEx] Chainloader ready
[Message:   BepInEx] Chainloader started
[Info   :   BepInEx] 1 plugins to load
[Info   :   BepInEx] Loading [CannonTargeting 1.0]
[Message:   BepInEx] Chainloader startup complete

5) If the log looks as shown above then the mod is active and working.


It should be safe to install and uninstall this mod during playthroughs.

To delete the mod, delete the "CannonTargeting.dll" file in the  BepInEx\plugins folder.

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