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Enhances the graphics and makes the colors less colorful, but more realistic. 10 to 15 fps drop :D

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1. Delete any previous reshade files you have, if you have any (reshade-shaders(the folder), dxgi.dll, dxgi.txt, ReShade.ini and all other preset files). Download and install Reshade 4.9.1 for Direct3D 10/11/12, find your Biomutant main/installation folder, navigate to Biomutant/Biomutant/Binaries/Win64 folder and choose Biomutant-Win64-Shipping.exe file, after that just install all packs of effects.
Links to ReShade Setup 4.9.1 - or

2. Download my reshade archive from Nexus, open the file with Winrar or similar tool, then extract the preset file from the archive to your Biomutant/Biomutant/Binaries/Win64 folder, where the Biomutant-Win64-Shipping.exe file is located.

3. Start the game, open the Reshade menu by clicking 'Home' button on your keyboard, Finish the Tutorial by clicking Continue, then click on the long bar on the top of the Reshade menu and there Select UHGReshade Realistic.ini to activate it.

Delete reshade-shaders(the folder), dxgi.dll, dxgi.txt, ReShade.ini and UHG*****.ini. You can find these files in your Biomutant/Biomutant/Binaries/Win64 folder.

Video tutorials about how to install the Reshade, it's for the older versions of the Reshade and it's for different games, but the steps are pretty similar: