Beautiful Mystic Survivors
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About this mod

An ultra-wide fix (this can be toggled for 16:9 users) with additional tweaks (modify zoom, scale, auto-open chests, adjust certain sound volumes) for Beautiful/Sexy Mystic Survivors.

Permissions and credits

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  • It was tested on both versions of the game (Steam).

Features (all configurable)


  • Allows selection of ultra-wide display resolutions in the in-game resolution list.
  • Removes pillar boxing when ultra-wide is being used.
  • Scales background images where possible. Looks fine on 21:9 but will look average on anything wider.
  • Change the scaling behaviour of the UI; it may make it worse than the original; see how you go.
  • For when the above is no good, try using Manual Scale mode. Adjust the slider to adjust manually.

* Note on change scale/ultra-wide settings - it's recommended to restart the game after changing any of these settings.


  • When enabled, the zoom-in level is adjusted to allow zooming in more, and the maximum zoom-out can be manually configured. The game's default is 10. Setting it too high will make unrendered areas visible.


  • Stop trees going transparent when you're behind them, or the camera is close to them.
  • Automatically trigger the chest's opening when the dialogue box appears.

Sound (these are largely personal preferences)

Move the slider left for lower volume, and move it to the right for higher volume. Setting it to 0 is no change from the original volume.

  • Adjust the voiceover volume when the character levels (or turn off entirely).
  • Adjust the volume of crystal collection sounds (or turn off entirely).
  • Adjust the volume of the sunstone ability.


  • It comes bundled with ConfigurationManager allowing you to press F1 and change mod settings in-game.


  • Extract the contents of the release zip into the game directory.
    (e.g. "steamapps\common\Beautiful Mystic Survivors" or "steamapps\common\Sexy Mystic Survivors" for Steam).