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  • BattleTech Advanced 3062

    BattleTech Advanced 3062

    Last Update: 25 Jun 2019
    Author: bloodydoves
    Uploader: arguskos

    BTA3062 is a full size overhaul of the game to advance the timeline and technology level of BattleTech to the beginning of the FedCom Civil War. It also includes extensive gameplay enhancements and aims to be a comphrensive upgrade to the base game experience. Requires the CAB.

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    BattleTech Advanced 3062

    Last Update: 25 Jun 2019
    Author: arguskos

    BTA3062 is a full size overhaul of the game to advance the timeline and technology level of BattleTech to the beginning of the FedCom Civil War. It also includes extensive gameplay enhancements and aims to be a comphrensive upgrade to the base game experience. Requires the CAB.

News & Updates

  • Where Are The Clans

    So, you've downloaded the mod or read the intro page. You like what you see, but you have a question. You're saying to yourself, "where are the Clans? Why aren't they being advertised?" And there's an answer: they don't fit into the design goals for BattleTech Advanced 3062 in a number of critical ways *and* the Clans introduce a huge amount of extra work that I frankly just don't have time for right now (weeks and weeks at minimum, probably more). This article is about explaining why I chose to not include the Clans at this time.

    BTA3062 is built on a core foundational principle: change the tactical game, leave the strategic game almost entirely unaltered. What this means is that the Argo and stuff on the Argo should be familiar and easy for anyone who has played BattleTech b...

  • v0.4.1

    This release focuses on bug fixes from previous BT patches that broke existing functionality.

    Bugs Fixed

    When turning Gizmos on (alt + g), the encounter and map boundary gizmos became very difficult to see. This shader bug has been fixed.
    The freeroam camera was broken around BT v1.4. This has now been fixed.


    The map boundary gizmo is now blue instead of orange. The encounter boundary gizmo remains red.

  • MC v0.2.2 - BT v1.6.2 Compatibility

    This release brings BattleTech v1.6.2 compatibility only. Any previous mention of v0.2.2 bringing bug fixes is now pushed to v0.2.3.

    Major Features

    BT v1.6.2 Compatibility

    Known Issues

    Quick Skirmish seems to sometimes launch with lances that have no weapons
    All existing bugs from previous version of MC still exist

  • RoadMap

     - Add functionality for emblems
     - Fix the paint pattern selector still showing up
     - Add all resistance skins from MWO
     - Add phoenix skins
     - Add founder skins
     - Add tutorial on how you can add your own skins...

  • BT Advanced Custom Mechs Note

    These mechs are non-canon designs created specially for BTA. They feature unusual weapons and technologies that you're not expecting and don't show up anywhere else in many cases. They are explicitly non-canonical, use them at your own risk, many of them are quite powerful....

  • CBT Behaviors Explanation

    Classic BattleTech Behaviors is a mod that changes the tactical game to be more akin to current tabletop BattleTech rules. To that end, it includes a trio of mods-in-one that duplicate CBT movement, heat, and piloting checks. A fuller description of the mod's effects can be found here:  What follows is a brief "what is this mod, how do I play using it?" description. To put it lightly, CBT Behaviors completely changes the tactical game and is one of the two biggest things to adapt to in BattleTech Advanced.

    Note: everything here applies to the AI as well so keep that in mind.

    CBT Movement allows the player more freedom of movement when it comes to combat. Now, you may either walk, sprint, or jump, and still be guara...

  • CustomAmmoCategories Explanation

    This is a comphrensive mod that allows many weapons to work as intended and has extra functionality besides. It has a short description of what all it does here:  What follows is a description of its workings.

    Basically, CAC allows for switching ammo categories in-combat, switching weapon modes in combat (multi-shot effects, for instance), proper AoE effects (artillery), manual ammo ejection, proper Anti-Missile System effects, minefields, forest fires, targeting the ground directly, and more. Most of this is self-explanatory (for minefields, use thunder ammo; for AoE, use artillery, etc). A few things are not though.

    To shift ammo types being used by a weapon (and assuming you have the variant ammos equipped on the mec...

  • Custom Salvage Explanation

    This is a mod that changes how salvaging mechs works. It also changes how you assemble mechs once you have enough parts.

    First, to get mech parts, you still destroy enemy mechs. However, the amount you shot off the enemy mech defines how many parts drop, not how it was killed. If you strip it down to just the center torso and legs but "kill" it by pilot hits, you will get very little salvage just because not much of it was left. To get maximum salvage, the mech has to mostly survive (or get headshot). The most effective way I've found is to just sweep the legs and leave the rest of it intact. That usually yields two pieces.

    Assembling mechs is also different. Now when you have enough variants to assemble a mech, it does not automatically build when you return to the...

  • Navigation Computer Readme

    This is a small mod for the starmap that allows you some extra features on the map.

    The F1 key toggles the systems you have not visited.

    The F2 key toggles the map to show you systems by difficulty.

    Ctrl-F brings up a search box that lets you search systems by keywords (name, system tag, factions offering contracts there)

    Esc cancels out any of the above keys.

    Shift-click on a star system lets you plan a jump route through that system if you want to do that for a reason....

  • v1.0.1 Change Log

    For BATTLETECH 1.4.0

    Install/Update Instructions:
    Delete old "Flashpoint-The-Raid-1.0.0" Folder in to Mods
    Paste new "Flashpoint-The-Raid-1.0.1" Folder in to Mods

    Added custom Chat Box Portrait for "The Muscle"
    Updated various typos and double/missing words.
    Increased hardening on "BLACKLISTED" items to prevent unintentional spawning and salvage.

    Requires ModTek and Flashpoint Stock Photos.
    ModTek -
    Flashpoint Stock Photos -

  • Initial Release

    This Flashpoint has taken me a long time to put together, from leading the way in learning how to construct Flashpoints to finishing this one has taken me months.  I'm sure there's going to be a few spelling errors or typos in the files, but I've done my best to go over everything with a critical eye.

    Let me know if this has been a fun challenge or a suicidal grind. If you find any bug or errors, contact me or post to this mod's page....

  • Full Changelog for XLRP



    Balancing & General

    Added the option to modify MedTech skill at game start (Advanced Difficulty Settings only).

    Regular and Artemis Missiles can no longer be mixed on the same 'Mech. This means that a Mech can either mount Artemis-enhanced LRMs and/or SRMs, or standard LRMs and/or SRMs, but not a mix of both. Streak SRMs, NARC and Arrow IV are unaffected by this (as will be MRMs and Rocket Launchers when introduced).

    ECM was being naughty, so it was hit with the nerf stick. See the gear section for more detail.

    Internal crit requirement for Ferro-Fibrous Armor was reduced from 14 to 10. I know this isn't true to TT an...

  • v0.4.0

    This releases adds new features.

    Major Features

    Search - A new tab has been added to the hierarchy. Allows for search on object name or component type
    Click to Highlight (Hierarchy) - When clicking on an object in the hierarchy or search you can now ctrl + left mouse click and this will highlight the UI element or game object in white allow you to find objects quicker.
    Disable UI - alt + u - Allow disabling of all UI elements

    Minor Features

    Gizmo mode now shows allies spawns
    Added support for the second tutorial mission
    Added skirmish support

    Bugs Fixed

    Map boundaries weren't displayed accurately at all times in Gizmo mode
    Occasional error relating to...

  • MC v0.2.1 - BT v1.4 Compatibility

    This release brings BattleTech v1.4 compatibility only. Any previous mention of v0.2.1 bringing bug fixes is now pushed to v0.2.2.

    Major Features

    BT v1.4 Compatibility


    Disabled 'ExtendedLances' by default to prevent a compatibility issue with 'Better Base Defense'

  • Making equipment available at all stores

    The itemCollection_Ammo_all.csv is used to provide the ammo for sale in all the systems, ...

  • v1.2.0 - Flashpoint Compatibility

    This update focuses on introducing full Flashpoint compatibility, some minor features and bug fixes.

    Thanks to Amechwarrior and akodoreign for testing and finding bugs for this release.

    Major Features

    * Flashpoint compatibility
    * Added 'Evaluate Tag for Flashpoint' condition
    * Added 'Evaluate User Owns DLC' condition
    * Added 'Evaluate User In Career Mode' condition
    Minor Features

    * Tweaked layout when running in smaller resolutions
    * 'Export all to JSON' feature

    Bug Fixes

    * Fixed a copy link crash bug
    * Fixed a serious bug relating to node indexes desyncing from the BT implicit indexes when deleting/creating nodes...

  • MC v0.2.0 Full

    This is the full release version of v0.2.0. Like the pre-release it fully supports v1.3 and Flashpoints.

    Major Features

    (Introduced with the full v0.2.0)

    Extended Lances - Increase the size of a faction's lances allowing for clan stars (5 mechs) and reinforced lances / comstar demi-lances (6 mechs). Works for vanilla spawns and Mission Control spawns.
    Additional Lances Faction Rep - Allow faction reputation range to select which lance to use
    Additional Lances Elite Lances - Allow elite lances to be selected if allied or enemy with a faction
    Flashpoint options - Allow for disabling Mission Control entirely, or just disabling only Additional Lances for FPs
    Additional Lances Skull Lance Difficulty - Added a full initial set of...

  • Enjoy

    Just a humble attempt to add some classic 3025 Unseen into the game.  SolhamaJoe's efforts gave me the idea, but it wouldn't be possible without his work....