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I have always been an avid gamer. From my first computer, an Atari ST, all the way to the current generation XBox 360 and PC gaming platform I have maintained a healthy gaming lifestyle with a keen interest in various genres including first-person shooter, role-playing and strategy games.

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In 2001 my interest in internet technology spurred me in to exploring web site design and development when, at the age of 14 I taught myself HTML, CSS and learnt primitive techniques in Photoshop. By August 2001 I had launched my first widely accepted web site focusing on content for a soon to be released video game, Morrowind.

By 2003, with the help of a friend, I established a gaming network, Gaming Source, that would go on to host over 60 major video gaming websites and promising game related projects serving some 2.5 million unique visitors monthly. I dropped my involvement in Gaming Source in 2007 to explore my own web projects and expand on my highly successful Morrowind and Oblivion fan site, TESNexus.

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  • 30 April 2018, 10:45AM
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