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Display real hit chances in the UI taking to-hit roll correction into account.

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## Motivation

In the release version of BattleTech, displayed attack hit chances are not accurate, because to-hit rolls are corrected before comparing to a hit chance.
The effect of that correction is that easy attacks are actually easier than shown, and difficult attacks are more difficult.

Many players prefer to see actual hit chances though.

## Scope

This mod only fixes the chance as displayed in the UI.

It does not (currently):
- change any to hit chances, or any other game logic
- fix AI estimation of hit chances to account for correction
- provide options to use uncorrected rolls
- disable or display streak-breaking

## Compatibility

This mod does not (yet) try to detect any other mods that affect hit chance calculations, and it's probably incompatible with them.

For example, if you use a mod that disables hit chance corrections (https://github.com/RealityMachina/NoCorrections, https://www.nexusmods.com/battletech/mods/100), you should not use this one, as using them together will lead to incorrectly displayed hit chances.

## Usage

This mod uses [Harmony](https://github.com/pardeike/Harmony) and [BTML](https://github.com/Mpstark/BattleTechModLoader).

1. Download and install [BTML](https://github.com/Mpstark/BattleTechModLoader#installingupdating)
2. Download the latest release of this mod from [nexus](https://www.nexusmods.com/battletech/mods/90) or [github](https://github.com/alexanderabramov/bt-real-hit-chance/releases)
3. Unpack AA.BT.RealHitChance.dll into BATTLETECH\Mods\
4. After launching the game, check that BATTLETECH\Mods\BTModLoader.log has a line "Found DLL: AA.BT.RealHitChance.dll" and no errors