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  • Change Log


    - Combat saves are permanently disabled

    - If you get stuck at modtek done screen for a longer period, this is an issue of vanilla not initiating properly, try deleting .modtek folder (mostly not rt related)

    - Priority contracts randomly fail to load. We cant reproduce why or even get it among the team. Whoever finds a true reproducible commonality please help.

    - Randomly occurring duplicated defaults - Store and ready the mech to fix, ultra rare issue

    - Shops populate only after first contract on a planet- is being worked on

    - Sometimes there are visible health bars on remains, This is a vanilla bug and causes no real issues

    - Not being able to hire pilots, company ...

  • What is a Clean install

    A clean install refers to deleting all contents of your mods folder, including .modtek folder

    It is also advised to validate your game files

    Modtek soundmod and other alternative mod files will be reapplied by the installer...

  • Online War

    Online War

    - All factions are at war with each other.
    - Planets offer contracts from the owner of the planet, locals and each bordering faction.
    - Doing contracts for a faction raises their percentage of control and lower the percentage of the others.
    - The faction with the most control owns the planet.
    - If you get high rep with factions they offer you priority contracts that pay better and lead you to currently contested planets.
    - The amount of % a contract moves the control is based on skulls. Each half skull earns 2% of control. 

    IT Stuff(How does it work)
    - Whenever the game updates the map it makes a request to the Roguetech server and updates your lokal map based on the current state of the war.
    - After...

  • Pilot Quirks


    Reckless: Bonuses to-hit in combat, but easier to be hit.
    Tech: Improved Mech Repair Times
    Cautious: Penalty to-hit in combat, but harder to be hit.
    Merchant: Discount to buy shop items.
    Dependable: Bonus to resist pilot ejection.
    Brave: Bonus to resist pilot panic.
    Assassin: Better Called Shot.
    Athletic: Reduced fatigue times.
    Gladiator: Less skill degradation for fatigue.
    Lucky: Chance to avoid getting wounded.
    Drunk: While fatigued the pilot has +1 to-hit, -1 evasion, and 100% immunity to ejection.
    Wealthy: This pilot has no monthly maintenance cost.
    LosTech Technician: Better chance to-hit with LosTech weapons.
    Disgraced: Reduced Company Morale.
    Naive: Less XP per mission....

  • Beginner tips

    Rogue Tech Beginner Tips

    This enormous all-in-one mod is ever evolving, and any aspect of balance may change often to achievethe vision.
    Expect bugs. (we do our best against them)
     How to report  
    Bug Tracker
     Your starting mechs are extremely important to your immediate survival. Tread cautiously until you gain strength.
    The skill trees are very different, with new abilities and vanilla abilities removed, like Bullwark (as an ability).
    Movement mechanics are altered, whereby you can now sprint and still attack, including sprint-melee.
    Support weapons no longer fire with melee attacks. Specialised Melee exist for this.
    Overheating no longer causes damage to structure, instead you roll to ...