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  • Change Log

    996 Patch 4
    Further Refinment to datastructure, requires a clean mod install
    Patched PerformanceFixer for even MOAR POWAH
    Patched OnlineClient
    Patched DifficultybyCompany dll
    Patched SBI to 30
    - Possible fix for issue with reinforcements that spawn during a round
    - Simplified modifiers, documented as per
    - Implemented injury penalties as they occur.
    - Reduced existing injury penalties by 1/2.
    - Fixes to melee impacts. Guts reduces impacts of melee.
    - Refine prone and shutdown modifiers. Prone now incurs a -9, shutdown -6. Both are modified by piloting.
    - New approach that allows piloting skill to reduce randomness
    - Added some colorization to make it easier to distinguish units that have/haven't activa...

  • Chassis Quirks

    Some Chassis have Quirks, special effects of gear built directly into it, that grant it unique effects

    List will be updated as i tag them up

    Clan mechs
    "Clan BattleMech"
    + Weapon Accuracy
    -Melee Accuracy
    -Melee Damage
    Improved sensors
    No Melee Weapons

    "Primitive Design"
    -20% Walk/Sprint

    "Command BattleMech"
    +1 Initiative

    "SLDF Royal"
    -5% Heat Generated
    -6 heat per turn

    "Low Profile"
    +1 Defense

    Crab 27b
    "Royal Crab"
    +1 Defense
    -5% Heat Generated
    -6 Heat Per Turn

    "Melee Crab"
    +1 Defense
    +2 Melee Accuracy
    +Melee Damage

  • Mods Included in the Package

    If i missed one of you guys to include here, ping me up and ill remedy it immediately

    Special mentions for bored_1 for helping me fix weapons descriptions

    Credits for all included and used dll's/mods


    By Morphyum:

    ShotCountEnabler  - Fixed by FlukeyFiddler
    PermanentEvasion <<currently removed because it conflicted with CBTMove>>
    MultiMissions     <<currently removed and will be replaced with deployments, circumventing technical issues>>

  • Online War

    Online War

    - All factions are at war with each other.
    - Planets offer contracts from the owner of the planet, locals and each bordering faction.
    - Doing contracts for a faction raises their percentage of control and lower the percentage of the others.
    - The faction with the most control owns the planet.
    - If you get high rep with factions they offer you priority contracts that pay better and lead you to currently contested planets.
    - The amount of % a contract moves the control is based on skulls. Each half skull earns 2% of control. 

    IT Stuff(How does it work)
    - Whenever the game updates the map it makes a request to the Roguetech server and updates your lokal map based on the current state of the war.
    - After...

  • New Mech's and Tanks

    Thanks to gemji for a table of all chassis and weapons

    Battlemech and Weapons Table

    Table by tancy12

    New Mech's

    Enabled the 4 vanilla Royal SLDF BattleMech's

    Experimental Power Armour
    A NAIS and Gray Death Legion joint project to revive the SLDF Nighthawk Battlesuits

    Spider 1I
    A spider with a plasma cutter and 2 RL10

    Commando 2I
    A basic commando favoured among pirates coming with a large salvo of infernos

    Locust LR
    A heavier Locust exclusively designed to carry the EWS and Haywire+Narc Missiles, it is a wannabe raven

    Panther 9L
    This custom variant replaces the PPC with a Plasma Cannon and Haywire missile, comes with TS...

  • Vanilla Weapons Rebalance

            Weapon rebalance

    ALL support have been moved to their proper category, they will not shoot in melee
    buffed accordingly
            Short ranges(half of optimal range in mechbay) on everything, penalty for medium range, max ranges beyond long range at higher difficulty
            Stability for every weapon 1 stab per 4 damage (doing fractions) lasers 1 per 6
            Closer to tt for a "damage taken" piloting roll
            Removed LRM clustering reduced accuracy, this nerf's LRM slightly but you may remove heads with one salvo and tons of luck
            LL and PPC's increased damage

  • Gameplay changes

    List of Major Gameplay changes in comparison to vanilla


    The new game start and the ingame difficulty settings now include pretty much everything you can think of.

    Reworked skill tree

    Sensor Lock: now grants a 2 turn +2 accuracy bonus and strips 2 evasion pips on action - is now Tactics 8
    Breaching Shot: moved to gear, replaced with Warlord
    Warlord: grants +1 Accuracy, Improved firing arc and +10% damage
    Bulwark moved to gear, replaced with Berserker
    Berserker, granting bracing after Melee and DFA and 5% bonus to Melee & DFA Damage as well as 5% DFA self damage reduction
    Piloting affects melee failstates and grants a chance to mitigate it
    Piloting also affects chance of bei...

  • Gear by Background Choice

    - Weapons
        - Ultra Autocannon 5
    - Ammo
    - AC2 Ammo
        - Precision
        - Caseless
    - AC5 Ammo
        - Precision
        - Caseless
        - Armour Piercing
        -Live Fire Training
    - AC10 Ammo
        - Precision
    - AC20 Ammo
        - Armour Piercing

    - Weapons
        - Light PPC
        - Snubnose PPC
    - Ammo
        - LRM Ammo
            - Deadfire
        - SRM Ammo
            - Deadfire
    - Items
        - PPC Capacitator

    - Weapons
        - Large Pulse Laser
        - Medium Pulse Laser
        - Small Pulse Laser
    - Items
        - TTS InstaTrac VIII

    - W...

  • Pilot Quirks


    Reckless: Bonuses to-hit in combat, but easier to be hit.
    Tech: Improved Mech Repair Times
    Cautious: Penalty to-hit in combat, but harder to be hit.
    Merchant: Discount to buy shop items.
    Dependable: Bonus to resist pilot ejection.
    Brave: Bonus to resist pilot panic.
    Assassin: Better Called Shot.
    Athletic: Reduced fatigue times.
    Gladiator: Less skill degradation for fatigue.
    Lucky: Chance to avoid getting wounded.
    Drunk: While fatigued the pilot has +1 to-hit, -1 evasion, and 100% immunity to ejection.
    Wealthy: This pilot has no monthly maintenance cost.
    LosTech Technician: Better chance to-hit with LosTech weapons.
    Disgraced: Reduced Company Morale.
    Naive: Less XP per mission....

  • War Mechanics(WarTech)

    War Mechanics

    Starting or joining a war
    - Factions have a chance each month to start or join a war. 
    - This chanced is based on their current war exhaustion. 
    - The more exhaustion they have the less likely they start or join a war.
    - If they decide to enter war state they pick a random faction that is neighbouring them.
    - If this faction is already in a war they join on the opponent side.
    - If this faction is not at war yet they start a new war.

    Ending a war
    - Factions have a chance each month to leave a war.
    - This chanced is based on their current war exhaustion. 
    - The more exhaustion they have the more likely they leave a war.
    - If all faction on one side left the war, it ends.


  • Specialist Ammo Variants

    New Ammo bins that contain modifiers for your weapons, but each has a cost on their own, and they will affect all weapons they carry their ammotype for

    With 0.987 you are restricted to only 1 ammo upgrade per weapon type


    Inferno SRM

    This ammo changes ALL your SRM launchers to carry Inferno Rounds, dealing heat damage instead of firect hit damage

    Incendiary LRM

    Incendiary LRM's have a lesser heat effect compared to Inferno SRM Warheads but sacrifice only half their damage

    Deadfire LRM and SRM

    Deadfire Missiles exchange their guidance system for a larger weapons paylaod, reducing overall accuracy by 2 and all ranges by 30%

    Hotloaded LRM

    Hotloaded LRM's reduce the m...

  • New Weapons and Gear


    Prometheus +++ Flamer
    The Heaviest of all flamers, dealing respectable damage and heat, additionally no flamer needs ammo, to balance this, they generate incremental more heat per flamer size

    Heavy Machine Gun
    A heavier machine gun that weights twice as much but deals increased damage

    Light Machine Gun
    Deals less damage but only weights half at increased range

    Plasma Cannon
    A experimental weapon that is a mix between a PPC, Gauss rifle and Flamer
    It has a massive hit, high heat damage, limited ammo and accuracy penalty
    It uses Gauss ammo and applies a stacking debuff increasing heat generation

    Thunderbolt Missiles
    Unlike it's counterpart the LRM the thunderbolt fires a...

  • New Passive Skill tree

    Gunnery 5
    Multi Shot

    +5% Increased Range
     -1Recoil Penalty
     +10% Increased Range

    -2Recoil Penalty 
    +15% Increased Range


    +10 Unsteady threshhold
    Evasive Maneuvers
    -5% stability damage taken
    +1 Max Evasive Charge
    +10Sprint distance
    Ace Pilot
    -10%Stability damage taken
    +2 Max Evasive Charge
    +20 Unstead threshhold
    +3 Max Evasive Charge
    +20Sprint Distance


  • Elite Battlemech's

    My personal munchkin collection, they are fun challenge to fight

    These are not just mere Warmachines, but works of Art, each one as expensive as a small fiefdom, handcrafted by their designer do they embody the true horrors of Battlemech Warfare, each one is optimized for their role

    The Erinya

    A suspiciously powerful commando found in a abandonded Deep Periphery "not quite SLDF" Bunker collecting dust among rotten bones
    It gear is suspisciously advanced and 'Tech's who had a chance to look at it presumed it was more than lostech, their silence was well paid for
    It comes equipped with 2 Medium Pulse and 4 Prometheus flamers

    The Echidnae

    Basically a Royal Griffin is this "Mother of All Monsters" a highly a...

  • Easily changeable mod options

    Here are some examples of frequently ask regarding some changes to some included mods:

    Adjusted Mech Salvage
    open the BATTLETECH\mods\AdjustedMechSalvage\settings.json

        "ownMechsForFree" : false,  <-set this to true if you dont want to spend salvage on your own mechs
        "ejectRecoveryBonus" : 0.5, <-this settings determines the additional chance a ejected mech is recovered for free
        "incapacitatedRecoveryBonus" : 0.25 <-this settings determines the additional chance a KIA-pilot mech is recovered for free
       "centerTorsoSalvageValue" : 1 <-value in terms of salvage of a cored mech

    - it is defined by a chance between 100 and 0 with an itneger between 1-0
    - the values a...

  • Merc Deployments



    Changes Travel contracts to deployments.

    Deplyoments start with the arrival at the Contract System.

    Deployments go on for multiple months.

    While on a Deployment you will get payed monthly.

    Each day on Deplyoment has a change to spawn a new mission.

    While a mission is available time is frozen.

    Missions wont pay you, but still reward you salvage as usual.

    After completeing the mission time is unfrozen again.

    If you leave the planet before the Deplyoment is over you will lose a huge ammount of Rep with the Faction and the MRB.

    When the Deployment time is over you get notified and are free again to take a new Deployment or normal Mission....

  • CostBalanceFactor

    The more powerfull a toy you have, the more you pay

    This Modpack is balanced around the cost of different Parts instead around the tonnage of mechs. That means:

    Both mods, the MechMaintenance by Cost and the DropCost by Cost are an important Balance factor for this mod's more extreme gear.
    Same as the Difficulty on the Starmap and the Skulls shown at drop, they all change their effect dependent on the "complete cost of chassis".
    This means, every piece of gear you add, will add to the maintenance, drop cost and skull difficulty of that mech.

    You are quite able and allowed to slap your super expensive super chassis shockfull of lostech, advanced materials and other assorted upgrades, but you will have to pay for, every month, every drop and ...

  • Beginner tips

    Rogue Tech Beginner Tips

    This enormous all-in-one mod is ever evolving, and any aspect of balance may change often to achievethe vision.
    Expect bugs. (we do our best against them)
     How to report  
    Bug Tracker
     Your starting mechs are extremely important to your immediate survival. Tread cautiously until you gain strength.
    The skill trees are very different, with new abilities and vanilla abilities removed, like Bullwark (as an ability).
    Movement mechanics are altered, whereby you can now sprint and still attack, including sprint-melee.
    Support weapons no longer fire with melee attacks. Specialised Melee exist for this.
    Overheating no longer causes damage to structure, instead you roll to ...

  • Solution to being stuck at sprinting into combat

    If you experience not being able to end your turn after sprinting into contact range, a possible fix might be to check in your in-game settings that "Auto select units when not in combat" is selected.

    Full credits to @Savagecelery for figuring this out!...

  • Pirate Mech's and Tech

    With 0.9859 i begin adding scrappy mechs and hardware that act rather unpredictable and are exclusively tied to "P" mechs (there will be one of each chassis)

    These have been inspired by Nemgard on Discord

    Intention is to have 1 or 2 Jury Rigged crappy mostly not right working weapon which are cheap but arent working right for every gun and a mech that carries it

    These Battlemechs carry jury rigged weapons and equipment and are in a generally bad condition...