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True to BattleTech lore flashpoints for the BattleTech Extended mod, unfolding against the backdrop of the late Succession Wars era, specifically in the 3030s and 3040s.

Permissions and credits
This mod features five lore-inspired flashpoints set in the BattleTech universe, taking place during the late Succession Wars era, specifically in the 3030s and 3040s:

Smash and Grab
Takes place during the Andurien Crises. After the Andurien-Canopian alliance invades the Capellan Confederation in 3030
and captures the border planet Repulse, Capellans, both citizens and regular forces start with partisan activities, attacking the invaders in hit and run attacks. Capellans need to expand the activities behind the enemy lines and this is where you come in.

The Meatgrinder
As the war broke out between the Capellan Confederation and the Andurien-Canopian alliance, the strategically vital Betelgeuse II planet was soon invaded by Andurien forces.The fighting turns into stalemate with both sides pouring in reinforcements during the entire battle.After Tooth of Ymir mercenaries landed as reinforcements for Anduriens in February 3031, Capellans scramble to hire mercenary companies to bolster their own numbers.You will receive the invite for this flashpoint after you finish the "Smash and Grab" campaign on Repulse.

Requiem for Ronin
The Ronin War ended with the defeat of those who opposed the Free Rashalgue Republic's bid for independence, but much work remains. In Al Hillah system, a contractor is seeking a short-term contract with a mercenary company skilled in hot drop insertions or as a quick reaction force unit.

War of '39
On the 16th of April 3039, the Federated Commonwealth invaded the Draconis Combine, plunging the Inner Sphere once again into the throes of war. Yet, for us mercenaries, war means new opportunities. Aiming to keep the DCMS off-balance, the Lyrans are orchestrating mercenary operations in the Alshain and Pesht Military Districts. Although small in size, our company proves ideally suited for operations in the Setubal system...

LosTech Fever
LosTech Fever takes place in 3040s when a former client offers a contract involving securing a long forgotten mine in Outworlds Alliance. The problem is that mine is occupied by pirates which have uncovered the site's secret - it is SDLF-era weapon depot...

Legacy of Kerensky
You are hired by a wealthy Kuritan industrial magnate to rescue his son, who has disappeared somewhere on Von Strang's World. The Barony of Strang has been established by proud decedents of Amaris supporters and see themselves as true heirs of Inner Sphere. If that wasn't enough, there are rumors of marauders with formidable 'Mechs rampaging through the Periphery.

All flashpoints can be added to an existing save but they all take place in 3030s or 3040s (and yes you can remove time requirement - check the wiki, link below).

To see when the different flashpoints become available, check faq or to find tips and tricks head to wiki (hosted on github) where you will find details for the individual flashpoint.

If you are playing this during 3030s and 3040s in-game, I strongly advise use of my mod News Events Expanded (hosted on github due to containing work from people not wanting their work on nexus) that adds 90+ news events between 3030 to 3045 (+ few articles in 3061), all true to the cannon, and which give some background to the events during the flashpoints .


  • The flashpoints are designed for the Battletech game by Harebrained Schemes, which has the "BattleTech Extended 3025 - 3061" (BEX) mod installed.
  • Official DLC required: Flashpoint, Heavy Metal, Urban Warfare (maybe you can run some flashpoints without the last DLC)

Installation procedure:

  • Extract the folders in the compressed archive (zip file)
  • Copy the folders and their contents to "Mods" folder which you will find in the same place where your Battletech game is installed.
  • If you are updating, chose yes when asked to overwrite. And that is it.

´╗┐PS:  If you are installing this mod at same time as other mods, especially the ones that overwrite existing modpack or vanilla files,  make sure it is installed last.


This mod comes bundled with another mod, ExtendedConversations, created by CWolfs/Richard Griffiths. This mod gives advanced capabilities to the conversations aboard Argo such as varying conversation based on the timeline in the game, emulating passing of time and travel, etc, etc...

Other deserving individuals:

I am grateful to CWolf for his tools like "Conversetek", which was used to make conversations aboard Argo and to Amechwarrior for the "Flashpoint Authors Guide" on Paradox forums, which provided valuable guidance (of the type - where to start??). Anyone making flashpoints out there used CWolfs tools and Amechwarriors guide.

Special thanks to CWolf (once again), t-bone, DarkKhaos and Mal.D from CWolf's Mission Control discord for their assistance with technical issues during the making of the flashpoints. Kierk from BEX mods discord server for corrections of various type. And many others who came with suggestions and ideas.