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Adds burstfire autocannons similar to the ones in MW5

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Do you like autocannons? Do you love that wonderous "dakka dakka dakka" sound they make? Are Ultra's to just not enough of a bullet hose for you? Are you in anyway, shape, or form, familiar with the Burstfire variants of autocannons in Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries?


My original idea of using a negative number in volley divisor field to make the BF ACs behave like normal ACs does not work. The only way to make this work in a vanilla only way is to multiply the ammo count for the ammo boxes by 5x and add a volley divisor of five for all Vanilla/HM ACs. This unfortunately ruins the game balance for any modded ACs, or new mod added AC ammo boxes. They will still work, but will either have way more ammo than intended in the case of weapons, or be severely underfilled for new ammo boxes.

I could provide compatibility patches if people want.

Stock weapons have been added to the default leveled list, initial +, ++, and +++ weapons have ben added to Detroit, Alloway, and Ur Cruinne.

Future plans:
More variants, vehicle and mechs utilizing the new guns