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Randomly upgrades components in non player mechs

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Mod that allows to upgrade and add random mech components (weapons/heatsinks...) based on configurable lists applied on a per
faction basis.
Basic configs for Vanilla and BTX exist. There is also an optional
download with worse than average (-) weapons for BTX, made by RJPhoenix.
The mod should only allow changes to a mech that a player could also do in the argos mechlab.
Every generated mech gets checked by the same code that checks a players
mech, and if errors get found it gets rejected and the base variant
will be used instread.
These checks include over/underweight, hardpoints and inventory slots.
But not something like ballistics TTS on a full energy mech.

Compiled for Battletech 1.9.1 / ModTek 0.7.7

ModTek mod (HBS Modloader might work, but I never tested it), simply put it into ModTeks mods folder
(Battletech Mod Manager (BMM) compartible, never tested Vortex)

(Note: Screenshots are done with a test version with increased upgrade chance)